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There's Now a Tom Petty CBD Tea That Tastes As Laid-Back As He Sounds

Willie and Annie Nelson's Willie's Remedies honors Petty.

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While listening to Tom Petty croon “I won’t back down,” if you wished you could drink something as laid-back as that sound, you’re in luck thanks to Willie Nelson and wife Annie.

Willie’s Remedy

Their hemp-based wellness brand Willie’s Remedy just launched the limited edition Wildflowers Tea as an homage to Petty’s life and his music. Plus the added health benefits of CBD.

Tastes like a sunny day

The tea, a blend of whole chamomile flowers, lemon myrtle, and peppermint, has calming and digestive benefits. Each biodegradable pyramid bag of loose-leaf tea is infused with full-spectrum hemp extract sourced from small and midsize independent farms.

“With strong notes of mint and a deep chamomile base, Wildflowers Tea is both invigorating and soothing — similar to how fans feel when listening to music icons Tom Petty or Willie Nelson,” said Elizabeth Hogan, senior vice president of brands at Long Play, Inc., the parent company of Willie’s Remedy. “The tea is the perfect soother after a song set or for whatever plays out in your day. The ritual of brewing a comforting cup of tea is something we can all relate to and we hope it reminds everyone to take a second to reset and unwind."

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All in the family

This is the first collaboration for the Nelsons and Petty’s estate. Both Willie Nelson and Tom Petty aren’t just iconic in the music world but also in the cannabis space. The families share a deep friendship that’s extended into the newer generations. The collaboration came together after Willie performed one of Petty’s songs, and Adria Petty met Annie Nelson.

They bonded over a mutual respect for music, wellness, and giving back. The tea doesn’t just make you feel good because of the CBD; proceeds from every sale goes to MusiCares, a charity that provides people working in the music industry with a support system for health and human services. The organization named Petty Person of the Year in 2017

“My father was a believer in the mission of MusiCares,” said Adria Petty. “It’s a dream come true to have our two families who share so much mutual admiration in both generations of listeners and fans to collaborate together.”

Wildflowers Tea is available for nationwide shipping via the Willie’s Remedy website.