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These Cannabis Billboards Might Make You Stop In The Middle Of The Road

With limits on where and how they advertise, many brands have turned to billboards to capture consumer attention. Are they working?

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Anyone who runs a cannabis company realizes how many hoops you have to jump through to advertise your brand. Traditional outlets such as Google ads, Facebook, and many national publications prohibit pot ads, as do many non-legal states. In fact, with cannabis being federally illegal, it's often up to state regulators to determine laws regarding cannabis advertising. The restrictions have caused cannabis companies to get creative with their marketing dollars. For those trying to target local consumers, old school signage is the best way to go.  Here are some billboards that nail it. 

Not too subtle

The Herbarium Dispensary in Los Angeles cuts right to the point. 

Black market killer

Acres Cannabis in Las Vegas has a creative way of going after the illicit market. 

Truth in advertising

Sweet Flower addresses a common problem. 

The longest miles

Weedmaps taunts drivers in Arizona. 

Follow the arrows

In case you might miss it, Apotheca gives detailed directions to their store. 

Heal thyself

Medmen's LAX billboard greets drivers as soon as they leave the airport. 

History class

Lowell Farm's mural offers a lesson in cannabis history. 

Sex sells

Ignite's advertising campaigns have been controversial for their sexual content. 

Leaf it alone

In Las Vegas, a billboard celebrates the power of the plant. 

Got dabs

Green Oasis in Oregon dabs in dabs. 

Positive message

Weedsmaps ad campaign shows the positive side of pot.

Marijuana - 1 Booze - 0

The marijuana vs booze campaign touts the health benefits of cannabis.