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What Smoking Weed Everyday for 25 Years Has Done For Seth Rogen

If anything, it's made him even more successful.

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If anyone can get Conan O’Brien to smoke weed on national television, it’s Seth Rogen. The actor, writer, filmmaker, and cannabis entrepreneur did just that on one of the late night talk show host’s final episodes on TBS. 

Jerod Harris | Stringer | Getty Images

“I don’t smoke any weed, and that’s not a judgment. I like my lucidity,” O’Brien told Rogen, before joking that he considers it “a fine herb.”

“If there was ever a sign that you don’t smoke weed, it’s that you just called it a fine herb,” Rogen quipped.

Naturally, after sharing a joint with O’Brien and co-host Andy Richter, he pocketed it for later. The bit got a rousing applause from the in-person audience. 

It’s pretty much what you’d expect someone who has smoked weed for the last 25 years to do.

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Cannabis is what makes him tick

“I smoke cannabis all day every day,” he told Good Morning Britain. “It's something that is intrinsic to my day to day functionality.”

Any host that eggs on this line of questioning, who surprisingly still seem shocked Rogen can get anything done as a stoner, only need reminded of his prolific career. In addition to the more than 60 movies he’s acted in, co-wrote, and produced before the age of 40, he’s also co-owner of Houseplant, the Canadian-based cannabis brand he launched with fellow screenwriter (and longtime friend) Evan Goldberg in 2019. It’s now available in the U.S.

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"The idea that people who smoke weed are lazy or that if you smoke weed all day you're problematic or there's something wrong with you is just not true,” he told the British talk show hosts. “And it's mostly based on racist lies told by people many years ago that we still unfortunately believe for the most part."