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Why Mood-Based Cannabis Products Are About to Blowup

Cannabis can be consumed to achieve any mood. Businesses are taking note to shape the cannabis products of the future.

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If we take a brief look back at history it’s clear that cannabis has survived several societal reputations. What was once known as “Devil’s Lettuce,” went on to be a pop culture symbol of Bob Marley. Today, the shift of the plant’s perception is a direct correlation to recent mass legalization of the substance across the United States. Data shows that consumption is skyrocketing in states like California - but this should come as no surprise. West Coast moms, dads, students, you name it, can all take a walk down the block to pick up milk, eggs and flower.  

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While it’s nearly impossible to determine the quality or specifications of a federally unregulated substance, any consumer who’s purchased cannabis at a dispensary will attest to a completely different buying experience. Along with legalization came strict policies and regulations that ensure shoppers are aware of what they are buying, what’s inside of it and exactly how it will make them feel. For the first time ever, shopping for cannabis is comparable to shopping for vitamins. Name your problem, find your solution. Long gone are the days of the “stoner” who smokes a joint to simply get high. Cannabis is now for everyone, can be consumed in any form, and businesses are taking notice.

As consumption becomes more normalized, the average consumer skews farther and farther away from preconceived stereotypes. Studies are revealing that today’s consumers have very high household incomes and are more likely to have master’s degrees. This means that some of the most successful professionals around us are a part of a “shadow market” of cannabis consumers. But why are America’s executives switching over to the plant?

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With infinite products on the market from luxury vapes to throat lozenges, consumers are finding that cannabis is a life hack that can fit into anyone’s daily routine. When dosed intentionally, certain strains can help you feel more confident at a company happy hour, while others can give you the restful sleep you need before a presentation.

Here are the top cannabis “moods” that businesses will start marketing toward, and what consumers should know about each.

Mood #1: Social  

Whether grabbing drinks with coworkers or going to a friend’s housewarming, consumers are looking for cannabis can help bring out their social butterfly. For people who are introverted in larger gatherings, incorporating cannabis at responsible quantities can help those insecurities slip away, similar to the affects people might feel after a cocktail.

First things first, it’s important for people to know how much cannabis they’re consuming before going into a social setting. No one wants to be too high at an office happy hour. To avoid this, many cannabis consumers practice "microdosing" -- dosing cannabis in small portions to avoid major effects that can get in the way of your daily life functions.

When aiming to socialize, less is more. Microdosing is essential to finding that perfect balance that can bring you a positive an insightful outlook. Next is looking for the perfect strain. When headed out for the evening, the best option may be a hybrid combining Indica with Sativa. This means you’ll reap the benefits of Sativa’s anti-depression and creativity inducing qualities along with Indica’s unmatched mental relaxation.

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Mood #2: Focus

While most people don’t commonly consider consuming cannabis to drive their productivity, certain strains can help with motivation. Whether doing some spring cleaning or finishing up a big project, cannabis can provide a unique boost of energy paired with increased creativity and attention to detail.

Microdosing is also very important when looking to focus in on a task. Taking it slowly and closely monitoring how the strain’s impact is vital before diving all the way in. Minimizing its psychoactive effects will help you to reap the benefits while still feeling in control. Pure Sativa strains maximize energy and a jolt of serotonin can promote learning, improve mood and anxiety. Certain Sativa’s may be more suited for certain tasks. Read the description of the strain on the product package or online for best results.

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Mood #3: Relax

Cannabis is certainly best known for its relaxing properties. Because of this, cannabis consumers have been stereotyped “couch potatoes” time and time again.

Yes, you can definitely find products that will make you sleepy, but it’s more about how you fit THC into your routine that you will most benefit from this effect. If consumed right before bed, certain strains can help you fall asleep and stay asleep, something 1 in 4 American’s struggle with. Sleeping longer improves your overall health, workplace productivity and quality of life. Those who use cannabis to improve the quality of their rest are doing their bodies and brains a favor.
THC can also benefit consumers when winding down, decreasing anxiety before they head to bed. People looking to achieve a well-rounded, relaxed mood reach for an Indica strain to boost dopamine, relax the mind and the muscles.

These three moods will be the center of cannabis product differentiation in coming years as more people look to fit cannabis into their everyday lives. The cannabis space is increasingly crowded. In coming years successful cannabis brands will be those that provide consumers with the means for microdosing and responsible consumption to achieve the moods they seek.