Free Webinar: Al Harrington On How To Be An Effective Leader

Free Webinar: Al Harrington On How To Be An Effective Leader

Watch our on-demand webinar, as former NBA player and founder of Viola Brands Al Harrington joins us to discuss about how to be an effective leader in times of crisis. 

Viewers of this webinar will learn:

  • Al’s definition of a true leader
  • Why leadership is more important now than ever.
  • How Al has brought his company and his community together
  • What the pandemic has shown us about being an effective vs failed leader?
  • What leadership lessons he takes with hims from his years on the court as a professional athlete playing at the highest level. 

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About the Speaker

Al Harrington was inspired to start Viola by his grandmother who found relief for her glaucoma after using cannabis. He worked with a team of industry leaders to create a cannabis brand that is founded in purpose. Not just a figurehead, Al oversees the carefully curated cultivation, extraction, and production processes. In 2018, Al launched Harrington Wellness, a company that manufactures non-psychoactive cannabinoid products, as well as a third company Butter Baby, that makes cannabis edibles. All three companies are under the Harrington Group umbrella.