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An Israeli Study Verifies What Many Already Know About Cannabis and Cancer

Researchers take a closer look at the effectiveness and safety of medical cannabis as a replacement for opioids.

3 Ways to Identify Your Ideal Cannabis Customer

Successful leadership, operations, and promotion all begin with understanding your consumer.

Mike Mejer

Legalization Is Not Enough. We Need a National Medical Cannabis System

Without federal government policy and regulation, chaos could ensue.

Pam Chmiel

What is Hashish Oil?

Brittney Griner was imprisoned for carrying the illegal drug in Russia. But what are its benefits?

How the Drummer of Blues Traveler Created a Unique Experience for His Cannabis Customers

Find out how this musician-turned-entrepreneur went against the grain with his dispensary and unveiled the do's and don'ts of starting up in the marijuana industry.

Javier Hasse

What's the State of Cannabis in the Empire State?

A candid conversation with a local cannabis consultant about what's going on in New York.

Pam Chmiel

Investing In Marijuana Businesses: Are Hedge Funds Coming To The Cannabis Industry?

Hedge funds were not investing in the cannabis industry last year. But this might be changing in 2018.

Javier Hasse

The Debate Over Legal Marijuana Is Also a Debate About States' Rights

Some scholars argue Congress has no constitutional authority to tell states what to do about marijuana.

These 4 States Legalized Recreational Marijuana but Each Is Doing It (or Not) in Its Own Way

If the Congress ever legalizes pot nationally, expect 50 unique versions of legalization.

Michigan Pours $20 Million From Cannabis Taxes Into Health Research

Two universities will conduct studies focused on how cannabis can help veterans.

People Who Use Marijuana Can Lose Their Jobs, But Some States Want To Change That

From Louisiana to Washington DC, lawmakers are revising drug-testing rules in the workplace.