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Canada Leads the Way on Cannabis And Mental Health in the Workplace

The organizations working together to prove boosting moods and productivity can lead to higher profits.

The Undercover Stoner

· 6 min read

The Queens of Kush

Eight women entrepreneurs killing the cannabis game.

Joseph Billions

· 6 min read

Are Cannabis Consumption Lounges the New Legalization Trend?

Finding a legal place to enjoy weed will get easier and easier in many states.

Laurel Leaf

· 6 min read

How Regulations For Edibles Vary Across the Country

As federal legalization edges closer, it's important understand state-to-state differences and similarities.

Jana D. Weltzin

· 5 min read

George Lopez Is Jumping Into the Weed Game

The comedian will launch Chingón, a Latino-focused cannabis brand, with Platinum Vape Partners.

Jose Rodrigo Safdiye

· 2 min read

Brett David

· 5 min read

A Healthcare Worker Is Suing a Hospital System for Not Hiring Him Because He Uses Medical Marijuana

The Arkansas lawsuit points to a larger national issue. What rights do medical marijuana users have?

· 3 min read

Top Marijuana Stocks To Watch, Are You Focused on These Companies

Are These Top Marijuana Stocks On Your June Watchlist?

J. Phillip

· 5 min read

A Pharmacist Defends the Use of Delta-8

The much-maligned cannabis compound can be used safely and effectively.

Chris Adlahka, PharmD

· 4 min read

Oregon's Cannabis Market Is Trending Upward

What investors and entrepreneurs need to know about weed in the western state.

Andrew Ward

· 4 min read

California Company Gets Fed Approval for Organic CBD Pet Tincture

The hemp-based oil is certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and completely THC-free.

Chris Kudialis

· 3 min read