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Cannabis & Tech Today

Cannabis & Tech Today is a quarterly publication specializing in technological advancements, business innovations, and popular culture pertaining to the marijuana industry. We are enhancing consumer awareness, reducing societal stigma, and fostering a culture of acceptance, responsibility, and inventiveness within the cannabis community.

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Social Equity

Why Prioritizing Social Equity in Cannabis Hiring Will Make the Industry Better

Why it's important to ensure the communities disproportionately harmed by cannabis prohibition have a seat at the table now.

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Can Cannabis Buyers Make the Industry More Equitable and Sustainable?

As the industry evolves, many realize that buying responsibly from companies who care can make a real difference.
Technology Innovation

How Touchless Automation is Streamlining Cannabis Production

New tech is making life easier for operators while improving the consumer marketplace.
Medical Marijuana

Recent Study Shows THC Helps Mitigate Pain in the Elderly

When compared to other treatments for everyday aches, it's often more effective and less addictive.

Five Cannabis Leaders Forecast Industry Changes

With incredible growth and changes are on the horizon, what's in store for the future.

5 Laws Every Vape Company Owner Should Know

You need to ensure compliance for your company and employees.
Health and Wellness

Weed May Curb Nicotine Cravings

Study shows strong decrease in tobacco use following medical cannabis treatment.

Here's How to Fix Common Cannabis Growing Problems

Like every plant, weed needs some TLC. But how? This guide breaks things down.
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There's a Growing Trend of Ancillary Cannabis Vendors Advising on Sustainability Practices

"We want the supply chain of services supporting the industry to be consistent with the supply chain for the direct industry participants."
cannabis industry

Exploding Lumber Prices May Be Good News for Hemp

The inner fibers from hemp plants can be used as a replacement for wood.
cannabis industry

Canada's Regulated Industry Has Grown. What About the Black Market?

A recent study showed 70 percent of participants made their cannabis purchases through regulated Canadian outlets rather than unregulated sources.