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Cannabis for Tremors : What Works and What Doesn't

Tremors are uncontrollable, unintentional movements that affect a limb or a part of it. Cannabis is showing promise in preventing them.

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Will Marijuana Reform Lead to Legalization of Harder Drugs?

Allowing drugs like cocaine, heroin and meth to be produced and sold legally would create an inevitable financial boon for state and local governments. But that doesn't mean it's the smart move.

Can Marijuana Help with High Blood Pressure?

Cannabis has proven itself a vital and essential aspect of the health sector because of the abundance of medicinal properties it embodies.

What Happens When You Combine Cannabis and Adderall?

It's a potentially dangerous combo. Here's why.
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More Companies Are Bioengineering Marijuana. Is That a Good Thing?

The introduction of bioengineering modifications helps scale an already burgeoning industry.

Does Using Cannabis for Sleep Cause Crazy Dreams?

When you spend more time in a state of deep sleep after taking THC, you may not wake up with as much clarity about your dreams, but you will have a more refreshing sleep experience.
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What You Need to Know About Delta-10 THC

The compound is all the rage, but what is it exactly?

Marijuana and Heart Attacks: What New Research Reveals

The public needs high-quality information about cannabis, which can help counterbalance the proliferation of rumor and false claims about the health effects of cannabis products.
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Time for Nasdaq and NYSE to List U.S. Cannabis Companies

The timing of federal legalization, which presumably would trigger the exchanges' willingness to list, is uncertain at best. So to my good friends at the U.S. exchanges, it's time.
Medical Marijuana

Millions of People Report Using Cannabis for Arthritis

One of the biggest medical reviews to study cannabis and pain indicated that there is "substantial evidence that cannabis is an effective treatment for chronic pain in adults."

Will Marijuana Use Affect Your Chances of Getting Hired?

Unfortunately, marijuana use can still disqualify you from getting hired, even in states with fully legal weed.