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Weedmaps News covers the culture, acceptance, and consumption of cannabis with guides, trends, and analysis for everyone from curious dabblers to experienced stoners. Founded in 2008, Weedmaps is the world's largest and most influential marijuana technology company; a global brand with offices in Irvine, Denver, New York, Toronto, Barcelona, and Berlin.

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How We Got To Cookies, One Strain At a Time

The famous strain is the best example of what a "McDonald's of cannabis" will look like in the future.

What is Craft Cannabis and Why Does It Matter?

There are several differences between small-batch and commercial weed.

How to Make Your Return to Office Life More Bearable

Five cannabis products that might help with the transition.

How THC Became the Focal Point for Generations of Weed Smokers

From high-pain patients to consumers who want to party, people want the most bang for their buck.

Consider Yourself a Foodie? Try These 10 Weed Products

Munching on marijuana macaroons might give you the munchies, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Do Cannabinoids From Topicals Enter the Bloodstream?

The bigger question: Will it show up in a drug test?

A Closer Look at the Dab Market, the Wildest Corner of the Weed World

From high-tech devices to crystalline extracts, innovation moves at a frantic pace, churning out futuristic products and new forms of concentrates at warp speed.

Weed and Camping Go Hand in Hand — Be Prepared

The best edibles, drinks, and cannabis products for hitting the trails.

Why You Should Be Eating Mango While Smoking Weed

For one, it's simply delicious. But there's some science behind the combo.

Why You Should Smell Your Weed Before You Buy It

It's not just because it smells really, really good.

The Best Strains and Edibles For a Stoney Backyard BBQ

From American Dream to weed beers, making the most of summer fun.

Understanding What "Indica and Sativa" Originally Mean

The dichotomy is so prevalent in cannabis marketing, consumers rely on it for purchasing decisions.