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Weed and Camping Go Hand in Hand — Be Prepared

The best edibles, drinks, and cannabis products for hitting the trails.

Why You Should Be Eating Mango While Smoking Weed

For one, it's simply delicious. But there's some science behind the combo.

Apples, Cans, Pens: Which Is the Best DIY Pipe?

Yes, of course you can use a watermelon.

Why You Should Smell Your Weed Before You Buy It

It's not just because it smells really, really good.

The Best Strains and Edibles For a Stoney Backyard BBQ

From American Dream to weed beers, making the most of summer fun.

Understanding What "Indica and Sativa" Originally Mean

The dichotomy is so prevalent in cannabis marketing, consumers rely on it for purchasing decisions.

Fifty Years After Nixon Declared War on Drugs, More Americans Want to Decriminalize Them

Reps. Cori Bush and Bonnie Watson Cole introduced bill to Congress with more health-centered approach.

LGBTQ-owned Brands to Support All Year Long

Pride shouldn't be limited to a single month - and neither should your cannabis use.

Blue Dream or Sour Diesel? The Best Strains For Watching Movies

Entertainment industry insiders and seasoned stoned movie watchers weigh in.

Ask a Budtender: Why Can't I Taste My Weed?

If Blueberry OG doesn't taste like blueberries, is that ok?

7 Ready-to-Roll Weed Packs Worth Trying

Avoid rolling a spliff yourself and go with one of these pre-rolled options instead.

5 Best Weed Products According to Jim Belushi

The comedian and cannapreneur has his favorites.

The 8 Best Strains for Evening Workouts

This type of pot will bring some assistance while getting your sweat on.

Ask a Budtender: What's the Best Way to Get High?

We all have our preferred methods, so it's important to weigh effects and experience against practical concerns like cost, convenience, and safety.