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Looking For Help Improving Productivity? Here's How A Centuries-Old Cannabis Company Is Doing It

During these trying times of a pandemic, a successful cannabis company offers tips on how to improve productivity.

This story originally appeared on Cannabis & Tech Today

You may not think a fourth-generation family business with a century of engineering excellence would play a part in the still-evolving cannabis industry.

via Cannabis & Tech Today

And yet, this kind of expertise and technology is a strong fit for an industry where product quality is paramount.

For cannabis producers, preserving the integrity of the plant, in terms of flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes is essential.

It’s these chemical compounds that lend the plant its unique features and effects.

But historically, imprecise processing equipment tended to destroy these valuable aspects of the plant while also releasing undesirable, potentially contaminated byproducts.

In order to produce high-quality extracts and thus generate more ROI on the finished products, many cannabis extraction companies, processors, and labs are upgrading to more precise milling technology.

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A Century of Expertise

Fritsch Milling and Sizing is a 100-year-old company built on proven methods from one of Germany’s oldest and most respected industrial mill manufacturers.

In fact, Fritsch has a long history of manufacturing precision milling systems and particle analyzers for a wide range of industries, such as food, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, industrial materials and nanotechnology — as well as aerospace, energy, 3D printing, and high-tech additives where particle size is of critical importance.

Today, Fritsch’s line of laboratory- and processing-size milling and analysis equipment are helping the cannabis industry generate greater product integrity and consistency.

In turn, this yields a better return on investment over time.

By delivering higher-quality, premium products for the rapidly growing market of medical cannabis patients and consumers, Fritsch’s goal is to create increased yields and better ROI for their customers.

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A New Standard for Cannabis Biomass Milling

While many players in the cannabis industry are younger and less experienced, Fritsch is not new to the playing field.

In fact, Fritsch is an established innovator and leading manufacturer of application-oriented lab instruments for particle sizing and sample preparation.

Their professional tools and instruments help elevate cannabis processing, which helps improve ROI and enhance the end-product.

Fritsch’s systems achieve both qualitative and quantitative leaps forward by providing precision control and parameter fine-tuning for particle size control in plant processing pipelines.

It’s this laboratory precision that contributes to particle size uniformity, ideal for high-quality commercial cannabis production.

Every instrument is individually configured, such as the Pulverisette line of cutting mills.

These are optimized for biomass processing, utilizing cutting chambers, knives, and airflow with specialized geometries designed to mitigate heat and physical stress on plant samples while maintaining the chemical profile.

Most importantly, research has shown that milling dried cannabis in preparation for extraction maintains the integrity of the cannabinoid character and minimizes terpene loss.

Cannabis company OutCo remarked that the Pulverisette mill had increased the company’s productivity ten fold.

Thanks to its precise, consistent particle size, the mill enables a higher turnover rate and fits 250 percent more cannabis into the extractor column.

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Founded on Family

Fritsch is founded on family values.

Four generations ago, Alfred and Max Fritsch began the company in 1920 as gemstone cutters.

In the 100 years since then, Fritsch has centered its work on agriculture and food processing, engineering a variety of milling systems specifically to reduce plant material and work with medicinal products.

As the company makes a name for itself in the medical cannabis field, fourth-generation owners are now stepping into leadership roles.

Just like their father, grandfather, great-uncle, great-grandfather, and great-granduncle before them, Max and Sebastian Fritsch are prepared to continue innovating far into the coming century.