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The Quick Guide to Marijuana Trade Associations

Finding the right group is one of the best ways to succeed at marketing in the cannabis industry.

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Want to become a successful cannabis entrepreneur? In addition to being patient and learning how the market works, you will also need to know how to market your products. Marketing and distribution are two vital aspects of the marijuana industry you cannot ignore. One of the best ways to succeed at marketing is to join trade associations. 

Through marijuana trade associations, you gain access to a diverse group of cannabis enthusiasts like yourself who are also passionate about moving the industry forward. Marijuana trade associations also present an opportunity to network with other businesses.

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A list of the marijuana trade associations in the United States


NORML is an organization focused on transforming the image of marijuana. Their objective is to help with marijuana legalization such that adults can safely gain access to affordable marijuana. 

Minority Cannabis Business Association

This is one of the foremost not-for-profit organizations set up to increase diversity within the cannabis industry. This group wants equal access for people of color in the marijuana industry. 

The National Cannabis Industry Association 

Over 2,000 different businesses and cannabis enthusiasts in the industry seek to reform people through alterations in state policies with this organization. They also utilize federal reforms to achieve their goals. 

The Cannabis Alliance

Cannabis Alliance is a non-profit group consisting of people from different levels of life. These people are focused on developing a sustainable industry for marijuana that is ethical and educational. 

National Association of Cannabis Businesses

This organization is working to standardize the most effective business practices for the marijuana industry to operate. They also seek to create specific standards for the ethical utilization of marijuana products. 

Cannabis Trades Association

The Cannabis Trades Association cuts across the Atlantic and represents the cannabis industry in two major countries. The countries are the United Kingdom and the United States of America. They currently have 700 registered enterprises attached to their organization. 

Cannabis Cultural Association 

This association which is a non-profit entity, kick-started in 2016 and was incorporated in 2017. They want to bring justice to marginalized communities in the cannabis industry and want to change the image of marijuana. The ultimate goal is to legalize marijuana for adult use. 

Association of Cannabis Specialists

This group of specialists works to educate and provide care through a network of advocates and the publication of journal articles. They also work on changing laws for access to marijuana for medical communities in America. 

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Women Grow

The Women Grow is striving for the cannabis industry to become more inclusive through cultural support, social responsibility, and diversity. The group also partners with over 500,000 people across America, Canada, and the International market. 

Americans for Safe Access

American for Safe Access is aimed at bringing cannabis to communities for therapeutic reasons and research. This association was founded in 2002 as an advocacy group fighting for medical access for patients. With 100,000 active members in the United States, this venture works with state, federal and international legislation to alter marijuana laws. The alteration aims to overcome social barriers and empower people who need access to marijuana for medical reasons. 

American Herbal Products Association (AHPA)

Founded in 1982, AHPA has garnered more than 250 companies that work with them to help manufacture and distribute herbal products globally. They also promote the production of herbal products safely so that consumers can use them without fear and more effectively. 

Commonwealth Dispensary Association (CDA) 

The CDA is set up to help the Massachusetts dispensary community thrive as they advocate for cannabis control in all states, not just at the Federal level. This group already has 32 dispensaries in Massachusetts, and they seek to develop policies for the marijuana industry as they go further. 

Hemp Industries Association (HIA)

As a non-profit association, this group has been supporting members of the hemp industry since 1994. Hemp Industries Association has over 1,500 farms and business members in the cannabis industry. They are currently expanding their reach globally to enable fair and equal treatment for anybody working in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Distribution Association 

This association promotes cannabis distributors in California. They seek to regulate the cannabis market to ensure that the quality of products the consumers get is of the highest level. The cannabis distribution association also works towards sustainability for small business owners in the marijuana industry. 

Association of Cannabis Professionals 

This group works with members to ensure they have the tools to work effectively in the cannabis industry. They also host several workshops in the industry and work with legislators to lobby for the legal cannabis community. 

Cannabis Trade Federation (CTF)

CTF is focused on several aspects of the marijuana sector, which cuts across distributorship, wholesalers, businesses, and dispensaries. CTF wants to develop a balanced community that will work together to set up policies within the cannabis industry. 

American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association

The American Medical Marijuana Physicians Associations supports the medical communities that use marijuana for treating patients. They also recommend marijuana as an alternative therapy for several medical conditions. 

American Association for Cannabis and Hemp (ATACH)

This association wants to protect businesses operating within the marijuana industry legally. Their protection cuts across recreational, medical, hemp, and industrial purposes. They also want to help the companies expand beyond where they are and give them the support they need. 

Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SCC)

Founded in 1999, this group is dedicated to advancing cannabis research through scientific methods and education. Their 20 years of service have enabled tremendous changes in the cannabis industry. 

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Bottom line 

Some marijuana customers will only purchase your products after ascertaining that you are a part of trade associations. Think of trade associations as a seal of quality on your business; it tells the customers that you are a part of a functioning system that checks and double-checks the extent of your commitment to providing excellent service. 

Discover how to join a marijuana trade association today, and you will be amazed at the level of influence, access, and growth your business experiences. 

*There are many more marijuana trade associations. Therefore the list above is not an exhaustive one.