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8 Cannabis-Infused Treats To Try For Halloween

On the spookiest day of the year, we give you some sweet cannabis treats to try at an adult trick or treat.

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Halloween is about a week away, meaning we're all on the hunt for a few treats that can satisfy our sweet tooth. And while we may not be young enough to partake in trick or treating anymore, that doesn't mean we should rid ourselves from all the fun in the spooky holiday.

Instead of all those pieces of candy we got marching from house to house in our costumes years ago, we have some alternative options to consider -- cannabis-infused treats -- which are sure to make you just as happy now as coming home with a bag of candy as a kid on Halloween back when. Just remember to keep these away from the kids, because we wouldn't want them to get the wrong kind of "sugar high," if you catch our drift.

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Kiva Confections

1. Halloween-Inspired Blood Orange Camino (Kiva Confections)

Specifically made just for Halloween, Kiva's Blood Orange Camino gummies are guaranteed to offer a "scary good time" this October 31. Paired perfectly with either a horror movie or carving pumpkins, the intense, sweet flavor of Blood Orange alongside an exhilarating blend of sativa terpenes will awaken your inner thrill-seeker all month long.

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2. INSPIRED Pastilles (Beboe)

A candied companion to the Inspired Sativa Blend Vaporizer Pen, Beboe's Pastilles use the finest organic ingredients using cold water processing to provide a clean, subtle, euphoric high. With each pastille containing 5mg of THC and 3mg of CBD, these treats have a smooth and subtle taste, while still bringing a little more vividness to the day.

Greater Goods

3. Marshmallow Bon Bons (Greater Goods)

Infused with full spectrum hemp oil, these chewy, soft vegan marshmallows are surrounded by fudgy, organic dark chocolate and topped with chocolate sea salt to provide the most incredible flavors in just one bite. And with just 90mg of hemp derived CBD and less than .03%THC, the impact won't be too much to handle if having a couple before bedtime.

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Satori Chocolates

4. Salted Caramel Almonds In Dark Chocolate Bites (Satori Chocolates)

Packed with 100mg of THC in the entire package (servings per package: 12), if chocolate is where you want a little high from this Halloween, Satori Chocolates is the place to get yours. Whether it's the salted caramel option mentioned here, or one of their other flavors -- which includes California raisins in milk chocolate and Wild Strawberries in dark chocolate, among others — there are plenty of different potency levels for everyone.


5. Pomegranate 1:1 THC:CBD Hybrid Enhanced Gummies (WYLD)

When going on an outdoor adventure this fall, WYLD's Pomegranate 1:1 THC:CBD Hybrid Enhanced Gummies are an ideal travel companion to bring along. Made to provide balance and provide an enjoyable high for both mind and body, these are perfect for both beginners and regular cannabis edible users.

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Lifted Edibles

6. Pineapple Delight Bites (Lifted Edibles)

If you like fresh pineapple, then Lifted Edibles' Pineapple Delight Bites are the perfect treat for you, because these feel as if you bit right into the fruit itself. Packed with a ton of flavor thanks to the additional coconut coating, whether you're taking the CBD version or the higher THC version, you're going to enjoy every bite.

Cheeba Chews

7. Caramel Taffy Hemp CBD Edibles (Cheeba Chews)

Colorado-based Cheeba Chews is one of America's favorite edible, and the Caramel Taffy Hemp CBD edible has to be at the top of the list. The taffy offers consistent and potent flavors, but, beware, because these treats are not for the faint of heart -- so proceed with caution if you are new to the edible scene. But for those who can withstand the potency, the award-winning flavor will bring lots of happiness.

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Dr. Norm's

8. Peanut Butter Chocolate Therapy Cookies (Dr. Norm's)

Each Dr. Norm’s cookie contains 15mg of 99.9 percent pure CBD isolate, meaning you will get the full benefit of CBD without tasting much of it. The result? A high-quality snack that is perfect for beginners. Ideal for pain management or anxiety, Dr. Norm's cookies have two great flavors to try out, but the Peanut Butter Chocolate option is incredibly tasty.