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The Low-Cost Way to Relax and Revitalize in These Uncertain Times

Unwind and relax with these suggestions from Canna River founder Grant Boatman.
The Low-Cost Way to Relax and Revitalize in These Uncertain Times
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One thing is for sure: The spread of COVID-19, and the subsequent social distancing efforts, has most of the population on edge. Whether it’s about staying healthy, having enough essentials, or paying the bills, there’s a lot weighing on people’s minds right now.

Thankfully, there’s at least one cost-effective way to relieve some of the stress that comes with weathering a pandemic: CBD from Canna River. Not only can the products in their line of oils, flower, balms, and more help calm your nerves and revitalize your spirit, they’re inexpensive compared to the competition.

“I started Canna River based on the idea that a CBD brand could be both premium and accessible,” says founder Grant Boatman. Before launching Canna River last October, Boatman founded River Supply Co., an e-liquid and CBD supplies company he started in his garage when he was in his 20s.

Boatman takes pride in how Canna River never cuts corners in production—the company’s CBD is grown in the U.S. and lab tested. Canna River sources quality ingredients and manufactures its goods in a state-of-the-art facility, he says.

The majority of items among Canna River’s growing line of products cost less than $50, and nothing they sell costs more than $100—the price of their 5000 mg tinctures. “The price of so many products out there are just needlessly inflated. I’ve seen things with 100 mg of CBD going for what we charge for 1000 mg. I don’t understand why,” Boatman says. “Sure, we make less per unit than others because of it, but it is still plenty to have a thriving business.”

Here, Boatman suggests different Canna River products to help relieve stress and revitalize spirits during these uncertain times.

CBD Tinctures

CBD Tinctures
Image credit: Canna River

Canna River’s line of CBD Tinctures are high potency, coming in 1000-, 2500-, and 5000-mg options. That means customers can get the relief they’re after in just a drop or two. “They’re also easy to take and versatile,” Boatman says. “Drop it under your tongue or add some to your tea, smoothie, or food. We like to have it these days when the sun goes down, helping us set a little bit of a cadence to our days at home.”

Canna River offers Full Spectrum Tinctures in natural, peppermint, and lemon raspberry flavors and Broad Spectrum Tinctures in six additional flavors. This range of flavors and strength means that customers “have more control over their experience in terms of flavor, effect, and amount,” Boatman says.

The company also sells tinctures for pets—for older animals that could use muscle relief as well as younger ones that could benefit from an improved temperament. “I think it’s natural for pet lovers to want to make their furry friends as comfortable as possible and do everything in their best interest,” Boatman says.

Warming Therapy Balm

Warming Therapy Balm
Image credit: Canna River

For many people, stress manifests as body tension. Canna River’s Warming Therapy Balm is designed specifically for aching muscles and includes 1000 mg CBD. “It’s a typical favorite for knees and feet, but it’s also a savior for shoulders as we work at our kitchen tables and couches,” Boatman says.

For those who are doing home workouts during these times of social distancing and skipping massages or body therapy, Canna River also offers a Cooling Recovery Balm.

Premium Hemp Pre-Rolls

Premium Hemp Pre-Rolls
Image credit: Canna River

In high-stress times, finding some calm once in a while might not be enough. Sometimes, people need immediate peace, and smoking hemp is a quick way to get CBD into the bloodstream.

With Canna River’s Premium Hemp Pre-Rolls, you don’t have to own accessories or know how to roll. “The experience is very similar to smoking cannabis in both smell and flavor, but with only legal trace amounts of THC,” Boatman says.

For those who prefer to be more hands-on or make their own blend, the company also offers loose flower in 7-gram containers. 

Click here to learn more about Canna River’s line of oils, flower, balms, and other relaxing CBD products.

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