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10 Podcasts You Should Listen To If You Work In Cannabis

The silver lining of 2020? Plenty of time to listen to all of your favorite cannabis industry podcasts.


The silver lining of 2020? Plenty of time to listen to all of your favorite cannabis industry podcasts.

Many talented weed afficiandos grace the airwaves with insightful podcasts to listen to. Your intrepid hosts cover everything from critical news and current events, to gems of advice from CEOs and C-Suite executives, to hilarious, heartbreaking realities of the cannabis industry as it moves from prohibition to the legal world.

There is a lot to talk about.

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No list would be complete without our own industry love letter, the Green Entreprener Podcast, to which we are a little biased. 

From light-hearted comedy to industry insider news, here are 10 of the best cannabis industry podcasts.


Matthew Kind is the knowledgable and unwavering host of CannaInsider. It is the longest established cannabis industry podcast, beginning in 2016 (and now well into 300 episodes). Kind offers listeners amazing, in-depth interviews of CEOs and founders in the cannabis space.

Popular episodes include moments shared with Harborside and Last Prisoner Project co-founder Steve D'Angelo, Brian Gerber who founded Hemper, the founder of California vape darling dosist, and more. CannaInsider offers product reviews on its website, keeping techies informed on the latest in products and technology. 

Great Moments In Weed History

Great Moments In Weed History is a good time. Co-hosts Abdullah Saeed and David Bienenstock have a light-hearted and biting repartee. Saeed is best known as the host of the first three seasons of Vice's Bong Apetit, and a comic hosting regular nights (pre-COVID) on the Hollywood scene, evolving into Cut And Dry comedy. Bienenstock is a longtime cannabis journalist and author of the Penguin / Random House book "How to Smoke Pot (Properly): A Highbrow Guide to Getting High", he served as Head of Content at High Times as well as a producer of Bong Apetit, Bienenstock currently writes for Leafly and Vice. Saeed and Bienenstock aka Bean will delight you with unknown facts in weed history, rightfully roasting the majority of it. 

Weed And Grub

Weed + Grub makes every cannabis podcast list, because every cannabis consumer and business owner alike gains wisdom and sheer joy from listening to the musings of Mike Glazer and Mary Jane Gibson. Glazer is a comic who has been nominated for an Emmy for his work with Jon Stewart, has appeared on Comedy Central, stands as the creator and host of a sell-out comedy show Glazed at the Improv, Marijuana Venture's 40 Under 40 rising star, and the list goes on. Gibson is one of the 35 Most Influential Women in Cannabis, an actress, comic, and cannabis journalist. Gibson's current bylines will be seen in Rolling Stone, the former High Times Culture editor is an industry expert. The duo interview cannabis and entertainment industry heavyweights like Open Mike Eagle, PuffCo founder and CEO Roger Volodarsky, Tommy Chong, and more.

NCIA's Cannabis Industry Voice

Those who know the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) know that it is meticulous in covering the evoliving industry for business owners. NCIA's Industry Voice podcast offers breaking news roundups, large topics like compliance hurdles, regulations, taxes, and newly-emerging markets. Hosted weekly by NCIA's Bethany Moore, don't miss it.

The Roll-Up

Those who want their news condensed, rolled up, if you will, should tune into The Roll-Up from Leafly, the beloved consumer cannabis publication based out of Seattle. Leafly's Editor and Roll-Up host Bruce Barcott knows the industry inside-and-out. The Roll-Up reflects Leafly's hand on the pulse in its weekly installations, offering deep dives into topics that are affecting the cannabis community.

From Pot to Popular

From Pot to Popular offers listeners a peek into the workings of some of the most powerful cannabis companies in the world today. PR expert and 35 Most Influential Women in Cannabis alum Rosie Mattio is an amicable, accessible guide through the world of cannabis marketing. Mattio's podcast is a master class in cannabis normalization.

How To Do The Pot

How to Do the Pot, A Woman's Guide to Cannabis is hosted by the charismatic April Pride and Ellen Scanlon, Green Entrepreneur contributors who have advocated why podcasting is a lucrative marketing mode for cannabis. As cannabis is legally left out of so many traditional ad spaces, podcasting is a rare and welcomed solution. "Podcasts are a growing platform for cannabis brands to connect intimately with consumers," wrote the co-hosts Scanlon and Pride. "For the cannabis industry to thrive, we need to meet consumers where they are today"

The podcast covers fun topics like California sober, tips for weed etiquete, cannabis for endometriosis, and so many more. The air is welcoming and uninhibitted. 

Professionally Cannabis

Professionally Cannabis hosts Oscar Hausman and Jonny Wiser speak to industry pioneers who are setting the cannabis standard not just in the U.S., but on a global scale.  "If you're interested in this high growth, multi-billion dollar, economy driving, medically life-changing plant, then this is the podcast for you," Professionally Cannabis writes. Give it a listen and pick the minds of industry heavyweights like Marijuana Business Daily's founding editor and CEO Chris Walsh, David Badcock, CEO at Drug Science, and the brilliant Dr. Dedi Meiri, who is the current Head of the Laboratory of Cancer Biology & Cannabinoid Research at Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology.

Let's Talk Hemp and The 422

Hemp and CBD deserve their own spotlight, so thankfully Let's Talk Hemp and The 422 podcast is here for it. Co-hosts Morris Beegle and Rick Trojan are voices in the burgeouning hemp space with extensive knowledge. Beegle is the co-founder and president of the WAFBA (We Are For Better Alternatives) family of brands, which includes the massive NoCo Hemp Expo, the most comprehensive hemp-centric conference and exposition in the world. Beegle's expertise is put to good use in interviewing experts in the field alongside Trojan.

The Green Entrepreneur Podcast

We are your steady, guiding hand through the Green Rush. From the family Stanley Brothers who have revolutionized the CBD industry (as advocates for their late neice Charlotte Figi), to Viola's founder and former NBA star Al Harrington, Portland's new Cannabis Tsar Dasheeda Dawson, Advanced Nutrient's "weed famous" founder Big Mike, the owners of CANN, and more have sat with Green Entrepreneur editor-in-chief Jonathan Small. Listen to the Green Entrepreneur podcast to find the most critical takeaways from industry vets.