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The Best Father's Day Gifts for Pot-Lovin' Pops

Your dad is ganja have a great day.

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Since the beginning of time, shopping for Father's Day gifts has been a challenge. Dads are just really hard to shop for, but it doesn't have to be this way. If your dad enjoys his weed then you will be pleased to know there are a variety of items he might genuinely appreciate. 

We've assembled a gift guide for dads of all types—from the athlete to the cocktail lover; the techie to the toker. Take a look at these 16 pot products your pop will like. 

Cheech’s Stash Sore Muscle CBD Cream

Cheech Marin, dad, actor/comedian, and a cannabis advocate, wants to share the healing powers of CBD with all those hard working dads this Father’s Day. Hsi new line Cheech’s Stash CBD are hemp-derived products aimed to reduce pain, inflammation and help facilitate deep relaxation. MSRP $40.5 for the 200mg Sore Muscle CBD Cream. 


Matador Meggings with Weed Print

The stereotypical image of a cannabis smoker is someone who sprawls on the sofa for hours surrounded by a haze of smoke and half-eaten snacks, but a recent study released by the University of Colorado says the opposite with 4 out of 5 respondents saying that they use marijuana right before or after exercising. Taking that to heart, Matador Meggings launched their “Weed Meggings” style. Your dad will reach a greater high with the benefits of these compression tights—or not.  Built-in pockets are perfect for vape pens, a phone, and valuables.   MSRP: USD $88



Uncle Arnie's Iced Tea Lemonade

We all know the Arnold Palmer. Uncle Arnies Iced Tea Lemonade has that lemonade and iced tea flavor with an infusion of cannabis. We don't suggest drinking this while on the links—the 100mg of THC and is unapologetically strong and potent!  You can buy single bottles for 10 bucks, though it is the first of its kind to also come in a 24 bottle pack!   MSRP: $10 per bottle.



For dads counting calories and milligrams, Nectr cannabis-infused soda is all about what it leaves out.  There's no smoke, no sodium, no sugar, no carbs, and it's 100 percent vegan. It's also affordable and low-dose. Their 5 MG of THC-infused sparkling water comes in Orange soda, watermelon, grapefruit, and lemon-lime. MSRP: USD $4 per bottle


Fresh Baked X Friendly Farms Orange Cookie Dough 1g Cured Resin Cartridge

Unfortunately, being a father comes with aches and pains. Fresh Baked x Friendly Farms Orange Cookie Dough 1g Cured Resin Cartridge can relieve that. Their Orange Cookie Dough is a Hybrid strain that is said to be great for daytime use for helping treat these symptoms. It mimics GSC's sugary-sweet flavors and a heavy hit of potency.   MSRP: $50.00   



Helmand Valley Growers Company High-THC Prerolls

Helmand Valley Growers Company, a veteran Marine-owned and operated cannabis manufacturer, just released their line of high THC pre-rolls, containing 1g of premium cannabis clocking in at 27 percent THC. All of the profits from their pre-rolls go to the Battle Brothers Foundation, which will help fund studies on how cannabis can help treat PTS and pain in veterans.


Made with the finest California cannabis and iced tea, this drink has a fast smooth onset with no bitterness or THC aftertaste. It's also potent, coming in at 10mg THC per can.  For the nerdy dad, you can tell him it uses “THC Emulsion by Vertosa."  MSRP: $4 a can USD


Hopper Reserve 1g Pre-Roll

Here is the gift for the dad that appreciates the cool combination of cannabis and Dennis Hopper all rolled up into one.  Hopper Reserve is premium, sun-grown cannabis wrapped in the unbridled spirit of ultimate Easy Rider. MSRP $15 for the 1g Pre-roll 



Dogma Cannabis

For the dad who loves dogs and cannabis, here is a way to scratch both itches at once. Dogma’s Golden Smalls are half oz jars of premium hand-trimmed flower that is surprisingly affordable. They grow their flower in actually real soil and use proprietary closed-loop water collection in order to use less water than similar grows throughout California. Bonus: a portion of the proceeds go to help rescue dogs get adopted throughout California. MSRP $115 for a Half Ounce Dogma Indoor Golden Smalls. 




No clownin' around. Clown’s signature HashBone line contains a potent uplifting blend of 75 percent indica flower and 25 percent Paradise Citrus bubble hash with a powerful lab-tested THC level of 40 percent plus that will appeal to dads and connoisseurs alike.  MSRP: $36.


Love Yer Brain Gummies

Show some love to your dad’s noggin with these brain-shaped gummies. Love Yer Brain is the brainchild of rock star dad Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips, in partnership with Ojos Del Mundo and Sands Lane Ventures. Focused on unlocking creativity, Love Yer Brain was created to use cannabis and other plant-based tools in a powerful and positive way. The gummy brains are available in 10mg and 25mg of THC per piece and are available in 100mg and 250mg packs with three flavors to choose from, including watermelon, green apple, and raspberry. MSRP $20 100mg



Ispire Wand

A little dab for dad? Ispire’s The Wand creates a safe and easy dabbing experience by eliminating the need for a torch along with the wires and coils found with other eNails. The Wand is able to precisely heat the banger to his desired temperature. Once it is at the perfect dabbing temperature, Dad can place the concentrate in one of their borosilicate glass bangers and take a hit. MSRP - $169 


Storz & Bickel

The iconic Volcano Classic played an integral role in shaping today’s vaporizer industry. This year Canopy Growth and Storz & Bickel are paying tribute to the world’s best-known Vaporizer and its long-lasting success by offering their new Gold-Plated VOLCANO CLASSIC (24 carats)!  If your dad is a cannabis connoisseur, appreciates best-in-class technology, and appreciates design, then he'll go for this gold-plated cone. MSRP: USD 479.20



Dab Rite

Treat your high-tech dad right with the new Dab Rite.  Claiming to be the most advanced digital IR thermometer on the market, tt is the first product of its kind to utilize a flexible temperature reading arm with pre-installed emissivity settings for different types of bangers.  This adjustability allows for optimal temperature readings across a variety of heights and angles. The Dab Rite also features a built-in LED guide light to ensure that its high-grade industrial sensor is properly lined up with your banger for accurate readings.  MSRP: $249 



A lighter, a pipe, and a military-grade cool gadget made for a father that loves old-school engineering. The easy-to-use pipe also has a built-in refillable, adjustable butane lighter. With just a push of a button the lighter swings over the bowl for one-handed and windproof use. Each Solopipe comes with a hardshell carrying case, cloth bag, cleaning brush, pipe cleaner, mesh screens, and glass bowl insert. Available in four colors:  Chrome, Gunmetal, Rose Gold, and Gold. MSRP:  $70




Cannabox is a monthly marijuana subscription box service that provides your dad the experience of a variety of cannabis-related products without the inconvenience of him making a shopping trip. Bonus: Cannabox is offering 15% off for Father’s day with code DAD from June 18 to 20!  TService starts at $15.99 monthly with no commitment.