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Tollywood to Hollywood, this Superstar says it is Only Hard Work that has Gotten him Where he is

It doesn't work in the industry if you think "chalta hain, mera baap hero hain, main bhi hero banunga." You have to work your ass off

The Technological Tillers in the World of the Digital User Interface

We are now living in a world where digital fabrication and advanced manufacturing are a reality and not a fantasy.
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'Indian Firms Are Only Copying Western Models Of 3D Technology'

The country should start focusing on applications that are very true to Indian situation, said this expert of innovation.

How 3D Printing is making Drones Affordable and Accessible

Drones in the sky, in the sea and on the land are now setting examples of how the technology is going to improve our everyday life.

4 Ways Entrepreneurs Are Problem Solving With 3-D Printing

This technology is helping entrepreneurs accomplish their goals.
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5 Innovations In 3D Printing

From food to fashion to biology, 3D Printing is ready to be a part of any industry.

The Exposure From Expos- How Exhibiting Can Help A Startup

Thanking the organizations which arrange frequent and huge startup expos.
3D Technology

3D Printing Its Way Into The Startup World

Boosting 'Made in India' with 3D technology.
Naming a Business

What To Name Your Startup?

When you are so passionate about your venture, why should you name your dream just anything?
3D Technology

3D Print Your Way To Modern Education

What fun it is to hold your creation in your hand? And imagine when you could do that in school.

Snapchat Might Add Hyper-Realistic 3D Animated Filters Very Soon

A recent hushed buyout of a 3D vision start-up means Snapchat is eyeing 3D scans - available possibly as your next filter
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How 3-D Printing Will Turn Customers Into Competitors

3-D printing will change the relationship between manufacturers and customers. As customer habits change, businesses must adapt.
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Can I Make In India?

For a while, let's keep the government's effort aside and talk a little from the perspective of individuals who seeks to understand their contribution to the revolution.
3D Technology

National Technology Day: How Technological Landscape Has Changed In India

It's time to talk about manufacturing with "Zero Defect Zero Effect". Manufacturing locally to produce "Made by you".
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Ten Technology Trends That (Might) Change Our World In 2016

The beautiful (and perhaps even intimidating) spectrum of technology is still unfolding, and 2016 is a crucial turning point on many levels.