American Airlines

American Airlines Desperately Asks Employees to Volunteer to Help Keep up With Busy Summer Travel Season

The airline is asking for help during the months of June through August and will not be offering any bonus compensation.

Emily Rella

American Airlines permitirá que los viajeros usen pasaportes digitales de vacunas

Los pasajeros pueden cargar con seguridad sus documentos de vacunación antes de partir hacia el aeropuerto.

Emily Rella

American Airlines Will Let Travelers Use Digital Vaccine Passports in Lieu of Carrying Paper Copies

Passengers can safely upload their vaccination documents prior to leaving for the airport.

Emily Rella

American Airlines to Resume Boeing 737 Max Passenger Flights Today

It is the first national airline to resume service with the notorious aircraft.

Daniel Cooper

American Airlines reanudará hoy los vuelos de pasajeros del Boeing 737 Max

Es la primera aerolínea nacional en reanudar el servicio con el notorio avión.

Daniel Cooper

American Airlines Will Resume Boeing 737 Max Passenger Flights Today

It's the first domestic carrier to resume service with the notorious plane.

Daniel Cooper

American Airlines Adds Wi-Fi to Its Entire Domestic Fleet

Your next flight with American Airlines will include access to the internet, as long as you don't mind paying for it.

Matthew Humphries

Aerolíneas piden no utilizar sus aviones para separar familias en Estados Unidos

American Airlines y United Airlines han emitido comunicados en los que aseguran que la medida migratoria del presidente Donald Trump no va en línea con sus valores de unir a las familias.

American Airlines Glitch Caused It to Give Too Many Pilots Vacation Over Holidays

Thousands of flights scheduled from Dec. 17 to Dec. 31 do not have a pilot, first officer, or both due to a computer glitch that allowed too many staffers to take off for the holidays.

American Airlines's Cheap Fares Come With Restrictions

Leave the carry-on at home and don't expect a window seat.

Stephanie Mlot