angel tax

angel tax

A Look Into the 'Flawed' Thesis of Angel Tax

Angel Investors acknowledge government's efforts for easing angel tax exemption seeking procedure but are yet to be satisfied

Angel Tax Chaos Among Start-ups

All that start-ups should know to deal with tax notices
angel tax

Measuring Time in Light Years

How the tax authorities' valuation of startups is supremely ignorant of reality and why the angel tax is discriminatory against private companies and startups
angel tax

Where Does India Stand on Angel Tax?

As the year comes to an end, startupreneurs display concern over the dreaded angel tax

BSE All Set to Allow Tech Startup Listing Under its SME Segment

BSE Startup Platform will be live from July 9
angel tax

Bye, Bye Angel Tax. But Does it Really Solve Anything?

The paid up capital and the share premium of the beneficiary start-up cannot exceed INR 10 crores after the share issue.

Can the Indian Government Really Take Away the Devil that is Angel Tax for Startups?

The government claims that it can stop the IT department from harassing Indian start-ups

Investor Outlook: Why Have India's Seed Stage Fundings Dropped

Seed stage funding has plummeted by 53% in the last year.