App Design

#8 Ways to Make Your Mobile App Successful

In the current scenario, an estimated 270 billion apps are expected to be downloaded in 2017 alone

Deepti Mani Saxena

· 4 min read

How To Raise Up Your Mobile App Engagement

A sloppy, incomplete or just overall bad introductory page will definitely cripple an app's engagement.

Mehul Rajput

· 6 min read

8 Steps to Hire Best Freelance App Developer

App developers have become invaluable to entrepreneurs and business owners. Fortunately, there are many app developers in the market and finding one to hire isn't hard these days

Mayank Pratap

· 5 min read

Top 4 Mobile App Design Trends That Will Lead in 2017

With just a few days left to the year's end, Enterprise mobility has something more advanced and exciting to watch out for 2017.

Vivek Kushwaha

· 3 min read

Surefire Tips To Build Your App Business And Let It Grow

App usage and the increasing revenue are definitely here to stay.

Mehul Rajput

· 7 min read

Jana Barrett

· 5 min read

4 Web Apps That Dominate Market Share With Simplified Designs

Remember the most important principle of app design: "Keep it simple, stupid."

David Koji

· 6 min read

Why You Need High Quality Apps to Stay Relevant

Small businesses investing in mobile need to make sure their apps make it into the magic two-dozen or so apps that customers use regularly.

Patrick Schock

· 3 min read

Why 'Assistant-As-App' Might Be the Next Big Tech Trend

A host of new app services use ordinary conversations to help people do extraordinary things.

Nir Eyal

· 8 min read

5 Questions to Ask Before Developing a Mobile App

If you're considering starting a mobile app for your business, make sure you do it right. This guide can help.

Patrick Schock

· 3 min read