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Humans Won't Be Able to Control Artificial Intelligence, Scientists Warn

Some smart robots can perform complex tasks on their own, without the programmers understanding how they learned them.

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Future Of AI-powered Voice-Controlled Passenger and Commercial Vehicles

The rapid transformations in information technology and AI have now brought us into a world where fantasy is becoming reality

Tapan Barman

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How AI, ML Are Transforming the Corporate E-Learning Landscape

These solutions offer a personalized way for employees to learn and grow as per their needs

Prasoon Nigam

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How Modern Technology Is Reshaping the E-Learning Industry

E-learning is not new, but recent technological developments are elevating the industry to new heights.

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When Should You Not Invest in AI?

Here are five situations where Artificial Intelligence is overrated.

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'India Offers A Plethora of Deep Tech And Emerging Tech Opportunities'

Jatin Desai, general partner at Parampara Capital believes technology will have a deep impact on the larger society

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AI In Cancer Care: How It's Making a Difference In Treatment And Care

One of AI's key strengths is that it is able to process vast and complicated data in short amounts of time, and help automate routine tasks to reduce the level of human intervention needed

Dr. Manjiri Bakre

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Artificial Intelligence and marketing, the new engine of business

To ensure that each ecommerce project is sustainable and generates new and more connections to be able to maintain itself in low seasons, an optimized digital marketing strategy will undoubtedly be necessary.

Diana León

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Application Of AI In the Manufacturing Industry

Through the AI revolution, large amounts of data can be converted into actionable insights and predictions that can provide impetus to data-driven fields like genetics, robotics, connected and smart systems

Hari Krishnan Nair

· 5 min read

How Technology is Disrupting Real Estate & It's In The Buyer's Favor

Thanks to digital technology, the real estate market is becoming a more comfortable place for the buyer to navigate

Srivatsa KR

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Aalia Mehreen Ahmed

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