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The Digital Evolution of Ubiquitous Personal Assistants

The ubiquitous personal assistant can help any company or startup once they really reach the true potential.

Nidhi Singh

· 3 min read

The Growth of Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce (Infographic)

Here's why artificial intelligence will be beneficial for retailers and consumers.

Rose Leadem

· 1 min read

Kristen Stewart Co-Wrote an Academic Paper About Artificial Intelligence

The paper outlines the use of neural style transfer in Stewart's directorial debut, 'Come Swim,' which is about to premiere at Sundance Film Festival.

Shona Ghosh

· 2 min read

Should India Copy East or West? Or Should it Create its Own Growth Story?

2016 was an eventful year for me. In the same year, I got the fortune to visit both the East and the West

Sangeeta Devni

· 6 min read

Digital Twins and AI Help Extract Maximum Value in the Industrial IoT

As the Industrial Internet revolution comes closer to reality, GE's Narayanan is helping drive the creation of new value with market facing innovation at GE Global Research working with the GE businesses & customers.

Sneha Banerjee

· 3 min read

AI Will be A Partnership of Man And Machine, says IBM's Rometty at #WEF2017

The reason it's called cognitive not artificial intelligence because we are augmenting intelligence.

Nidhi Singh

· 3 min read

How Self-Learning Software Is Already a Huge Part of Your Life

Artificial intelligence has been a thing of the future for so long that we can easily overlook how important it is now.

John Boitnott

· 4 min read

3 Shifts That Signify Where Venture Capital Is Headed This Year

Following a peak in 2015, investors are adjusting their priorities.

Lydia Belanger

· 4 min read

#4 Robotics Startups That Will Make Your Life Easier

The robotic industry is increasing phenomenally and thousands of robotic companies are entering into the market, both with manufacturing robots and service robots.

Nidhi Singh

· 3 min read

4 Online Marketing Trends With Big Potential to Drive Sales

Ever-better technology combined with the resourcefulness of internet entrepreneurs is creating new tactics for prospering online.

Jonathan Long

· 4 min read

Why Should Investors Start Looking at AI Companies

India is arriving slowly but surely on the global AI scene and therefore investors should take a serious look at the space!

Manish Singhal

· 5 min read

Things An Entrepreneur Must Do To Embrace Technology at His Startup

Creating quite a buzz is virtual reality or augmented reality, which has paved the way for innovation with tech enthusiasts getting creative.

Akash Nangia

· 4 min read