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Put That Pen Down: Startup Wrappup Wants To Make Meetings More Efficient

Finding a particular detail in your notes after a long brainstorming session is often like trying to find a needle in a haystack- and yet, such notes are essential in one's ability to deliver on the important action points from a meeting.

Pamella de Leon

· 9 min read

Want to Win Your Customers Using Design? Tune in to this Live Cast by Intel India with Ashish Deshpande

Ashish Deshpande, an Industrial Designer from the National Institute of Design, Ahmadabad –India, will share his views on how he sees Intel contributing to a Digital India with the help of smart design solutions

Sneha Banerjee

· 3 min read

4 AI Technologies Impacting Business Operations Right Now

Artificial intelligence will be huge in the future but don't think it isn't relevant today.

Sheila Eugenio

· 5 min read

Facebook Developing Artificial Intelligence to Flag Offensive Live Videos

The social media company has been embroiled in a number of content moderation controversies this year, from facing international outcry after removing an iconic Vietnam War photo due to nudity to allowing the spread of fake news on its site.


· 3 min read

Paradigm Shift in Parenting By Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

Through the apps, parents are more sensitive towards issues pertaining to child rearing as the technology is helping them bridge the gap

Tushar Srivastava

· 3 min read

The 4th Industrial Revolution is Here Says Microsoft's Incoming India Chief

"Democratization of Artificial intelligence is how we can bring technology to masses"

Sneha Banerjee

· 1 min read

Can VCs Add Value Beyond the Money?

Here's what VCs think are going to be the most promising sectors of 2017.

Sneha Banerjee

· 4 min read

Artificial Intelligence Promises Big Things for the Future of Sales and Customer Satisfaction

But AI as of today is far from perfect: You'll have to stick with this technology for more than the first few rounds.

Danny Wong

· 5 min read

Pretty Soon, Chatbots Will Be Able to Understand How You're Feeling

With that, we won't have to worry about awkward situations such as that time a bot wished me a 'fantastic' day after I shopped for funeral floral arrangements.

Liraz Margalit

· 5 min read

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping the Future of Ecommerce

Paradoxically for a machine, AI's greatest strength may be in creating a more personal experience for your customer. From product personalization to virtual personal shoppers.

Sheila Eugenio

· 6 min read

Elon Musk: AI Could Destroy the Internet

Let's be honest, that's a surprise to no one.

Nina Zipkin

· 2 min read

Here's What Accenture Looks for While Collaborating with Startups

Basically, these partnerships/collaborations work well as long as you do this collaboration for the right reasons and on an equal standing

Sneha Banerjee

· 3 min read