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India Special Market for Unity Technologies; Streaming the Next Big Thing in Gaming

Creator of the most widely used real-time 3D development platform in the world, Unity sees India as a special market given its early adoption of deep-tech such as mixed reality

This Reliance-owned Deep-Tech Start-Up Wants To Bring Mixed Reality To the Masses

Even as technologies such as augmented, virtual and mixed reality becoming the new buzzwords in the start-up ecosystem, India hasn't seen a steady adoption of these among the masses. Tesseract wants that to change.

Want to Know How the Walls of Your New House Would Look? This Startup Can Tell You

From real estate to e-commerce, extended reality holds the power to change user experience for better & this Indian startup is making that happen with immersive solutions

Investors' Note: Three Markets That are Too Opaque To Be Good Investments

Art, Crypto and Virtual Reality (VR) -- sectors usually hailed as surefire investments -- are beset by deep problems

Why is Community Building Essential for the Success of a Business in the Co-Living Industry?

From group outings to simply having another young person down the hall for a quick chat, it is a convenient way to find company

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Augmented Reality

3 Ways Augmented Reality is Taking Customer Experience to the Next Level

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How Young Entrepreneurs are Enhancing the Learning Environment Through Gamification

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Augmented Reality

Making Avatars 'Intelligent'

Scanta was born out of curiosity about the augmented reality is now striving to make AR avatars 'intelligent' with immense possibilities awaiting to be leveraged

How to Take Advantage of Interactive Marketing Right Now

Brands effectively using interactive-content marketing enjoy a steadily growing customer base.
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Here's Why You Should be "Bullish" about the Retail Sector in 2019

Entrepreneur India interacts with Neeraj Singh, Director, KPMG India at the Future of Noida Retail summit on how augmented reality and m-commerce will define retail this year

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