automobile industry

Future of Automobile Industry in Singapore Post COVID-19

Aaron Tan, founder and CEO of Carro, an automotive marketplace talks about the changing landscape

Shivang Saxena

· 4 min read

This Startup Sells Second-Hand Two-Wheelers; Assures Buy Back Within 12 Months

The startup claims that people are opting for used two-wheelers over public transport and shared vehicles

Debarghya Sil

· 5 min read

How Car Rental Companies are Changing the Face of Shared Mobility in India

Driven by the need to offer sustainable transport that is both cost and energy efficient, car rental services have ensured that they harness the potential of new-age technology

Sunil Gupta

· 4 min read

4 Worrisome Economic Indicators for the Indian Economy

It is no news that the Indian economy is in a sluggish phase since the past few months. Although the government has been pulling out all stops to revive the economy, numbers are indicating otherwise.

Vinayak Sharma

· 3 min read

How Deep are the Wounds of Indian Auto Industry

The Indian automobile sector has been witnessing a decline in sales for the past 13 months. What factors are fueling the slowdown?

Aastha Singal

· 4 min read

Indian Automobile Market Set to Go Green with Electric Vehicles

Kia motors is thinking of launching low cost electric vehicles in India next year as Indian automobile market is gearing up for the launch of a slew of EVs this year.

Nazreen Nazir

· 3 min read

Indian Elon Musk! And He's Just 16!

What do you make of a 14-year-old who has made the prototype of an autonomous electric vehicle alongside his co-founders who are 3-4 times his age?

Entrepreneur India Staff

· 2 min read

Alec Baldwin Discusses His Innovative New Documentary About the Crazy, Desperate Times of John DeLorean

The new film 'Framing John DeLorean' asks if the car entrepreneur was a visionary or a crook. Or both?

Joan Oleck

· 9 min read

How Adopting Electric Vehicles Can Help One Embrace a Sustainable Mode of Transport

In this era of ever-increasing automobile dependence, incorporating electric vehicles in the system is among the most practical and approachable solutions towards a sustainable mode of transportation and of living

Jeetender Sharma

· 4 min read

Ajinkya Firodia Feels Blessed to Have Been Formally Invited by His Father to Run The Legacy

Ajinkya's working style is not very different from his father, however, unlike him, Ajinkya likes to do the same thing again and again till he achieves perfection

Sugandh Bahl

· 2 min read

FY 2018-19: Challenges for the Auto Component Marketplace

Despite various challenges, auto market is still holding its castle

Oleksandr Danylenko

· 3 min read