How These 8 Legendary Movie Villains Taught Us About Work, Entrepreneurship, Complexities & Leadership

While the villains are hell-bent on destroying the human race, they are the ones who teach you things that can be applied to your business practices on a daily basis

Priyadarshini Patwa

· 8 min read

Robert Downey Jr. Volunteers to Voice Zuckerberg's JARVIS Assistant

Zuck enlisted Facebook's billion-plus users, saying 'it's time to give my AI JARVIS a voice. Who should I ask to do it?'

Steve Dent

· 2 min read

Know How To Fight Like The Avengers In Your Startup Battle

Avengers journey helps startups explore a business idea and approach from a variety of angles.

Rishi Kapal

· 1 min read

Avengers And Mullins' Framework For Startups

Following is the extract and understanding of how Avengers came together on the lines of the Mullins' Seven Domains Framework.

Rishi Kapal

· 11 min read