House of Representatives Approved Marijuana Banking Bill — Again

The SAFE Banking Act is attached to yet another bill in hopes of passing.

Maureen Meehan

Can the SAFE Banking Act Pass As a Standalone Bill?

The objective for 2022 is to create a more equitable bill.

Joseph Billions

Here's How Bankers Can Confidently Work with the Cannabis Industry

There are a plethora of obstacles but help may be on the way.

Becky Postar

The Increase in Dispensary Crime Just Reaffirms the Need for Cannabis Banking

Many legal cannabis businesses are forced to be cash-only, leaving them vulnerable to burglaries, robberies, and violent crimes.

Scott Kenyon

Marijuana Banking Legislation Included In The New COVID-19 Relief Bill

The House included marijuana business relief in the latest coronavirus aid bill, but advocates question if lawmakers went far enough.

Brendan Bures

5 Safe Banking Alternatives For Cannabis Companies

With banks reluctant to work directly with cannabis companies, alternative "banking service solutions" have sprung up to help remedy the industry's cash problem.

Nick Keppler

The Budding U.S. Cannabis Industry Needs Normal Access to Business Banking and Insurance

Systemic barriers to basic banking and insurance services are muffling the cannabis boom much more than is generally realized.

Why the Trend of Going Public in Canada May be Ending

U.S. cannabis companies feel more positively than ever about the future of the industry and trading publicly here.

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The Politics of Reforming Federal Marijuana Laws Increasingly Favors the Reformers

Business interests and public opinion clearly favor ending prohibition but the status quo still has a lot of momentum.