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Everything You Wanted to Know About VC Liquidation Preference But Were Afraid to Ask

Read the second part of a series that walks you step-by-step through a venture capital deal.

Bo Yaghmaie

· 4 min read

The Real Demon of Detroit (Opinion)

An anti-business mindset is the real reason the Motor City finds itself in bankruptcy court. A federal bailout would be further evidence of its bad bets.

Ray Hennessey

· 6 min read

How One Business Bounced Back from Bankruptcy

Four factors that led to Fatburger's financial comeback.

Gwen Moran

How Your Business Can Last Longer than a Twinkie

Kodak and Hostess may have landed in bankruptcy court, but you can avoid their fate. Here are four tips.

Carol Tice

Friendly's Bankruptcy: A Lesson for Any Franchisee

Our franchise columnist looks at what happens to any franchise operator when a parent company files for bankruptcy protection.

Jeff Elgin

· 4 min read

What Small-Business Owners Can Learn from the Dodgers' Financial Woes

A bankruptcy attorney offers his top three lessons from the ball club's Chapter 11 filing.

Jason Fell