Hot Spots For Budding Entrepreneurs: Top Cities In MENA For Your Business

If you're hoping to set up a business, finding the right place to start is a critical first step.

Suhail Al-Masri

· 8 min read

Balancing Act: Work-Life Balance Should Be Your Enterprise's Concern

Far from being a luxury, the notion of achieving a good work-life balance has become a key goal for professionals in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Lama Ataya

· 10 min read

Injaz Al-Arab Teams Up With Corporations To Combat Arab Youth Unemployment

Non-profit organization INJAZ Al-Arab has announced its "Expand Your Horizon" initiative with key corporate partners to help address youth unemployment in MENA.

Entrepreneur Middle East Staff

· 1 min read

Education In The Middle East

Entrepreneurs in the business of educating the region's youth need to address the chronic misalignment of the education system and job markets.

Suhail Al-Masri

· 7 min read

Managing Staff Aspirations: Three Ways To Drive The Growth Of Both Your Human Capital And Your Company

Tactics a company can take to pursue both the goals of the business and its employees.

Suhail Al-Masri

· 5 min read

Get Your Facts Straight: Women In The MENA Workplace

A discussion on career standing, gender equality and potential solutions.

Suhail Al-Masri

· 7 min read