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All I Know About Marketing I Learned From Margaritas

Singer Jimmy Buffett can teach us all how to build a brand and engage our customers.

Cameron Gonzalez

· 7 min read

How This Offline Brand That Started in 1996 Reached 500 Million Downloads in the Smartphone Era

Pokemon developed Go to engage the brand's fans in a way that approached addiction.

Pete Canalichio

· 6 min read

Riding The Wave (Of Success): Philip Stein President Will Stein

The story behind the creation, development, and growth of the Philip Stein brand as told by co-founder and President Will Stein

Tamara Pupic

· 9 min read

How to Market Yourself Like an Artist

Creatives are masters of reinvention, personal branding and storytelling. It's time the business world paid attention.

Jeff Rojas

· 6 min read

5 Ways to Authentically Connect Your Employees to the Brand

Employees need to have a stake in creating the brand itself, and must be rewarded for embodying the brand through their daily actions.

Maria Ross

· 9 min read

Marketers and Agencies Should be Unified and Not Siloed

The examination which we as marketing professionals should conduct is - 'What is the consumer insight?

Ashish Limaye

· 4 min read

Travis Kalanick's 'Profound Apology' Is a Cautionary Lesson for Young Founders

The Uber CEO's public angst about berating a driver and confronting sexual harassment allegations reveals the need to grow in personal skills as well as business skills.

How to Build a Brand That Matters

You need to focus on feedback to make certain changes and modify your marketing campaigns.

Ashwin Suresh

· 3 min read

How Millennials Signal Personal Identity Through Brand Preference

Burgers or tofu? Fair trade clothing or fast fashion? Millennials are making conscious statements with their purchases.

Anna Redmond

· 8 min read

Learn #10 Steps for a Better Brand Journey

The journey from missing to memorable for persons is similar to the journey of brand building in case of products.

Harsh Pamnani

· 7 min read

How You Can Use Your Story To Sell Your Brand

Markets and customer bases are growing, but this hasn't dehumanised business. If anything, it's made the importance of telling your story and standing out from the crowd that much more important. Here's how you can use a story to sell your brand.

Elsabe Pepler

· 8 min read

The Smarter Way to Humanize Your Company's Use of Twitter

It's the people behind the logo who make the brand truly memorable.

Jacob Warwick

· 7 min read