Black market

What Happens to 100,000 Cannabis Plants Seized In a Bust?

At least the most recent big one in Northern California.

Behind the Waves

Oregon County Declares State of Emergency Over Illegal Pot Farms

Jackson County, in the southwest part of the state, asks governor to help crack down.

Chris Kudialis

Are High Marijuana Taxes Really to Blame for the Black Market?

As long as there is a spot of prohibition, there will be criminal organizations.

Mike Adams

Violence, Drug Busts, and Black Market Weed Take Over California's Desert Communities

So much for the whole legal marijuana will curb illegal activity thing.

Lesley Balla

As the Legal Cannabis Market Grows, the Illegal Market Shrinks

A Congressional report quantifies what we all suspected was happening: Drug cartels are taking a hit as the legal cannabis market expands.

Coast Guard Seizes $10 Million In Black Market Marijuana Headed For U.S. Customers

The black market continues to thrive even as legalization spreads. Some believe only national legalization will solve the problem.

More Jane For Your Buck, But At What Cost?

How cannabis consumers, manufacturers and legislative stakeholders must combat the Black Market.

Steve Everly

Black Market Weed Is Still Popular In Some States, But It's Also Very Dangerous

If you want to stay safe when using cannabis, then stay out of the black market.

Solving Oregon's Weed Glut Could Solve the Industry's National Supply Chain Problems

The black market had many drawbacks but it did a better job of balancing supply and demand nationally than the regulated market has so far.

Emma Chasen

11 Facts Cannabis Entrepreneurs Should Know About the Black Market

The marijuana black market has been huge for decades and is still far larger the legal market.

Scott McGovern