Blue Origin

Viajar al espacio no fue suficiente, Jeff Bezos quiere construir su propia estación espacial

Blue Origin anunció que la estación privada Orbital Reef estará lista en menos de 10 años.

Traveling to space was not enough, Jeff Bezos wants to build his own space station

Blue Origin announced that the private Orbital Reef station will be ready in less than 10 years.

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Aims to Build Massive Commercial Space Station

The industrial and commercial hub, called Orbital Reef, should be operational by the late 2020s.

Amanda Breen

Former Virgin Galactic Test Pilot Heads to Blue Origin

Mark "Forger" Stucky was the lead test pilot for Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic for six years.

Prince William Slams Space Billionaires, Says We Need to Focus on Saving Earth

In an interview with BBC that aired early Thursday, the Duke of Cambridge spoke of "a rise in climate anxiety" among young people whose "futures are basically threatened" by the climate crisis.

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