5 Best Budget Bluetooth Earphones Serving Rocking Sound & Bass

With rife of options round, we have handpicked some that guarantee great bass and quality under INR 2000

Priyadarshini Patwa

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#5 Gadgets to Buy in June and Appreciate Technology's New Innovations

What's new in the market? What to buy? We have you sorted

Priyadarshini Patwa

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¡Apaga tu Bluetooth si no lo usas! Advierten de un nuevo formato de robo de datos

Cuando sales de casa no dejas las puertas abiertas, ¿verdad? Entonces, no dejes encendido tu Bluetooth si no lo estás usando.

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5 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers From 2018 Under INR 3500 To Add The Missing Vibe In Your Life

Looking for a budget yet great portable Bluetooth speaker from 2018? We have got you covered.

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These 'Make in India' Bamboo Speakers are Giving a Tough Fight to Global Brands

The company started with in-house designing, launched their products and put them to test in the market

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Apple AirPod Headphones Available for Sale After 2-Month Delay

Delivery of AirPods will start next week along with sales at Apple Stores.


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The Real Reason Apple Wants to Kill the Audio Jack

There may be a method to Apple's madness, and there's certainly some historical precedence.

Tim Bajarin

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Here's a Dog Collar That Lets Humans Train Man's Best Friend From Anywhere

If you had this gadget on your pup, you could be keeping tabs on and talking to him right now, no matter how far apart you are.

Kim Lachance Shandrow

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From Privacy to Connectivity, Bluetooth Is About to Get Some Serious Upgrades

As billions of devices connect to the Internet of Things, 'Bluetooth 4.2' will offer new privacy features, faster data syncing and more.

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