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This Oil Industry Grandee Revealed His Knowledge Secret That You Can't Miss

Regarded as one of the greatest oil bosses, Lord John Browne in an exclusive conversation with Entrepreneur India

Bill Gates's Top 5 Books to Read and Gift This Year

The Microsoft founder's 2018 book roundup covers everything from meditation to autonomous weapons.

You Need to Take Time to Read These Classics

Hundreds of thousands of new books are published every year but the classics remain the most worthwhile.

Books That Inspire Me: Ankur Bhatia

Ankur Bhatia, Director of Bird group shares his all time favorite books

Looking For Inspiration? Read These Books That Motivated Eliana

Eliana Koulas of Luxus Retail shares which books inspired her.

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Book Reviews

Emraan Hashmi Rises As A Writer With 'The Kiss Of Life'

The book encapsulates his son's heart wrenching battle with cancer but also traces his journey as a first-time writer.
Book Reviews

Book Review: Future Brain: The 12 Keys To Create Your High Performance Brain By Dr. Jenny Brockis

One of the most underused tools in a human being's arsenal is their brain, or so Dr. Jenny Brockis would have us believe.
Book Reviews

Book Review: Leadership BS, By Jeffrey Pfeffer

Using a combination of research findings and basic common sense, the author provides some much needed clarity on what he calls the "leadership industry" and proceeds to dismantle it.

Books That Inspired Entrepreneurs

What entrepreneurs like to read?
Book Reviews

Book Review: Snakes In Suits, By Paul Babiak And Robert D. Hare

How do you spot the employee who is manipulative and abusing their co-workers in a myriad of little ways?
Book Reviews

Book Review: Primed To Perform, By Neel Doshi & Lindsay McGregor

Some parts of this book tap into how to get the best out of every employee while keeping happiness and motivation at the forefront- a true formula for success.
Business Ideas

Forget Buying : Just Rent a Book

Online book rental platform offer diversity as well as financial freedom to readers
Book Reviews

Book Review: The Business Romantic: Give Everything, Quantify Nothing, And Create Something Greater Than Yourself By Tim Leberecht

When you think of business, is your first thought of how romantic it can be or how you can apply the principles of romance to your business career?
Book Reviews

Book Review: The New Rules of Marketing and PR By David Meerman Scott

Marketing was formally a far simpler task than it is in today's connected world- not too long ago, it was along the lines of thinking up a catchy slogan, designing an eye-catching ad, filming a memorable commercial
Book Reviews

Book Review: Insightout By Dr. Tina Seelig

In the world of business today, innovation is a key player in the success or failure of any company. It's no longer enough to just have ideas, those ideas must be brought to life through action

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