Building Buzz

Tips for Pitching the Media

Read on to learn how to better capture the media's attention

Small Business PR

· 4 min read

The 3 Ways Smart Social Media Accelerates Startup Success

Finding a niche on social media is the quickest way for knowledgable people who are unknown to become recognized as experts.

Asha Saxena

· 4 min read

5 Beers Inspired by Hit TV Shows

'The Walking Dead' = notes of smoked brain.

Laura Entis

· 3 min read

3 Secrets of Building a Personal Brand From a Marketing Master

Neil Patel has been able to build multiple million-dollar businesses by utilizing his personal brand.

Andrew Medal

· 4 min read

Grow Your Online Business Without Depending Exclusively on Google

Google is huge but it is not the entire online marketplace, unless you let it be.

Ann Smarty

· 6 min read

Publicity Stunt Du Jour: Spend the Night at IKEA Thanks to Airbnb

Sleep tight. The furniture is already assembled and you get to keep the sheets.

Laura Entis

· 2 min read

When Entrepreneurs Should Consider Stealth Mode

While many people may jump on the stealth-mode bandwagon, often they are doing so for the wrong reason. Here are the two times when founders should consider stealth mode.

Bernard Desarnauts

· 6 min read

Is Your Startup Ready for the Spotlight?

Not every startup is ready for media attention. Here are three ways to determine whether your company is ready to be written up in the press.

Nina Zipkin

· 5 min read

Man Covers His Naked Body in 460,000 Bees to Promote Honey Line

She Ping, a 34-year-old merchant from Chongqing, China, employed a practice known as ‘bee-bearding' in order to generate buzz for his honey business.

Geoff Weiss

· 1 min read

5 Tips for Producing Direct Mail Copy That Sells

These strategies will help you craft a direct mail piece that will connect with your customer.

Craig Simpson

· 5 min read