40% of Mexican workers have suffered mental exhaustion in the last year, says study

Factors such as isolation and high workload have caused 40% of Mexican workers to report mental exhaustion derived from the pandemic and they expect companies to do something about it.

3 Ways to Avoid Entrepreneur Burnout

Hustling 24/7 might allow you to reach your short-term goals, but down the road, burnout will creep in.

Tomar unas workations me salvó del burnout y tú también deberías hacerlo. Mira cómo funcionan las 'trabacaciones'.

Cuando estás al borde del burnout, pero no es opción pedir vacaciones ni renunciar, unas workations pueden ser la mejor opción para viajar, relajarte y trabajar al mismo tiempo.

5 Simple Steps to Never Getting Burned Out Again (#5 Will Change Your Life)

I actually listened to my mentor's advice and stopped wearing burnout as a badge of honor.

Brad Hart

How to Keep Your Team of Creatives From Burning Out

Creative agencies thrive when the people who work there are in a healthy state of mind.

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Taking a few workations saved me from burnout and you should too. See how the 'jobs' work.

When you are on the verge of burnout, but it is not an option to ask for a vacation or to give up, some workations can be the best option to travel, relax and work at the same time.

¿Por qué es bueno para las empresas dejar de abusar de las videollamadas?

El exceso de este tipo de reuniones puede cansar a los colaboradores y repercutir en su desempeño.


Why is it good for companies to stop abusing video calls?

Too much of this type of meeting can tire employees and affect their performance.


3 Steps Leaders Can Take to Avoid Team Burnout as the Pandemic Continues

Don't want to see your teams fatigued? Here's what you can do to support them despite challenging external circumstances.

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How Entrepreneurs Can Prevent Burnout Among Their Teams

Burnout is the common cold of companies -- pervasive and surprisingly destructive.

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Qué es el Síndrome de Insatisfacción Crónica y 5 ideas para eliminarlo

La persona que cursa este síndrome se sentirá desganada, con dificultad para desarrollar nuevos proyectos, escasas ganas de comenzar su día y, finalmente, pérdida del placer.

Gustavo Giorgi

What is Chronic Dissatisfaction Syndrome and 5 ideas to eliminate it

The person with this syndrome will feel listless, with difficulty developing new projects, little desire to start their day and, finally, loss of pleasure.

Gustavo Giorgi