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Virtuzone And Seven Pillars Team Up To Help MENA Companies Expand Into Central Asian Markets

A new joint venture to support MENA-based companies to set up shop in Russia, China, and Central Asia.

The Time Is Ripe For Radical Change In The Built Environment

There is an urgent need for businesses to reimagine their business models, service offerings, processes, and client engagements with a digital-first approach.

Mastering Negotiations: How To Make Sales A Win-Win Situation

Key insights and experiences that will help you to lead successful negotiations and achieve great results in sales, no matter the situation.

Bouncing Back And Staying Optimistic In The Face Of Adversity: The How-To

It's about building resilience– an ability to "bounce back."

UAE-Based Prognica Labs Uses Artificial Intelligence To Detect Masses In Mammography Screenings

The healthtech startup aims to achieve its mission of further improving the quality of diagnostic standards, and improve its machine learning capabilities for greater accuracy for early detection of breast cancer.

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Bring It On, 2021: Getting Ready For What Is Set To Be The Year Of Intention And Attention

"You must have diversity on the top of your priority list. And by diversity, I mean weave diversity into everything you do."
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BE BOLD, The Youth Leadership Program Led By The UAE Ministry Of Health And Prevention In Partnership With Entrepreneur Middle East, Comes To A Close

A ceremony held in late November 2020 at the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention's (MOHAP) Training and Development Center in Sharjah marked the conclusion of BE BOLD.
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Taking On The World: Dubai-Headquartered Global Ventures Is On A Mission To Impact Millions Of Lives

Led by General Partners Noor Sweid and Basil Moftah, this enterprise proudly declares on its website that its vision is global, and its focus is growth- and Global Ventures has been clearly exhibiting its premise by supporting entrepreneurs in emerging markets that are working to "change the world."
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Ask The Expert: Get Your Questions On Trade And Commerce In Dubai Answered By Dubai Chamber's Atiq Juma Nasib

With trade being an integral element of business in Dubai, the newest edition of Ask The Expert will be geared toward your questions in this domain, with Atiq Juma Nasib, Senior Vice President of Commercial Services at Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on hand to answer all of them.
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From Good To Great: How The Flywheel Can Be Your Company's Next Big Thing

We examine the flywheel concept of strategic management that characterizes great companies, and look at what differentiates them from the also-rans.
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Engagement Drivers: Five Digital Trends Businesses Should Tap Into In 2021

There is no denying that 2021 will be a year of disruptive thinking and innovation, as we emerge from a global pandemic, especially in how media is consumed and created.
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"How Do I Approach Businesses In Dubai?" Answers To The Most-Asked Questions By New Members Of Dubai Startup Hub

From approaching businesses to accessing quality, affordable accounting or legal services in Dubai, check out how entrepreneurs can go about it.
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Startups To Play Much Bigger Role In Supporting Dubai's Transition To A Digitally-Driven Economy

Dubai Startup Hub had successful collaborations with entrepreneurship ecosystem partners that enabled the initiative to serve a wider network of startups and entrepreneurs in 2020.
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Four Lessons Brands Should Learn From The Accelerated Digital Revolution That Happened In 2020

2020 has been a ride into the future, and the future is here to stay.
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Standing Tall: How Dubai's Logistics Industry Got Through The COVID-19 Crisis

It's been interesting to see how both corporate players and small businesses in the logistics domain have found ways to cope with the current environment- while also tapping into the opportunities.