Business Events

Volatility is the Trademark on the D-Day!

From the angle of Investors, they generally try to find deeply discounted price when marketing declines and figure out strong breakouts in strong fundamental companies

Hitesh Chotalia

· 4 min read

How to Avoid a 'Snoozefest' and Instead Execute a Well-Regarded B2B Event

Remember the tale about the strait-laced conference attendees forced to suffer through line dancing and mechanical bull-riding?

Richard Burns

· 6 min read

These 25 Startups Are Making Chennai the Hottest Market for Business Aspirants

Chennai will soon host FRO 2018, one of the largest emerging platforms for Business Aspirants to socialize and learn

Aastha Singal

· 10 min read

7 Challenges You May Face If You Are In The Experiential Events Space In India

With evolved mannerism of the Indian society the scope of events business has also increased many folds and here we try to cover the modern aspects of it

Chanda Singh

· 4 min read

The How-To: Using A 'Shadow Conference' To Strike Deals

The connections you forge outside of crowded conference halls will make your next trip the most successful one yet.

Zach Ferres

· 7 min read

Five Mistakes You May Be Making As An Exhibitor (And How You Can Correct Them)

You can't control the overall exhibition experience, but you can control the experience associated with your brand.

Omar Rahman

· 8 min read

20 Years Of Tech: Four Biggest Changes In The Exhibition Marketing Space

Trade shows and exhibitions have been around as long as selling itself.

Omar Rahman

· 9 min read

Entrepreneurs, Here Are the 5 Ways to Throw the Best First Event Ever

Make a good impression at your first event and you'll keep your customers coming back for more.

Scott Schoeneberger

· 6 min read

Showcase Yourself: Seven Major Pitfalls To Avoid With Your Exhibition Stand

Exhibitions are ranked the second most valuable sales and marketing channel for B2B organizations.

Omar Rahman

· 8 min read

Here's What I Learnt After Attending Hundred Events

Today's reality is people do multiple-task, often not by choice but as a mandate of their profession

Vinay Dora

· 5 min read

Get All Your Ducks in a Row For That Important Business Event!

Your booth location can make or break the event for you

Reshma Budhia

· 4 min read

VentureSouq And StartAD Create Investor Awareness With Angel Rising

Seeking to create awareness and share insights on topics relating to angel investing, the event brought together regional and global speakers.

Entrepreneur Middle East Staff

· 2 min read