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This Indian Biotech Company is Using Agri Waste to Produce Ethanol

Agricultural waste are mostly burnt which leads to air pollution, but can be controlled if used for ethanol production instead

Aastha Singal

· 4 min read

It's the CEO Mindset that will Make Your Business Grow

You can put on an entrepreneur's cap, start a small business and be completely satisfied with this niche space you have created for yourself. Or, you may think big and work your way towards being the CEO of a large conglomerate. Here are few tips about how to look at the big picture

Maria Xynias

· 4 min read

6 Ways to Use Instagram to Boost Your Business, According to a Product Manager at Adobe

In her role at Adobe, Veronica Belmont works to help people bring their ideas to the masses on social media. One of her tips: Create a content calendar for Instagram.

Candice Georgiadis

· 9 min read

Will Jammu & Kashmir Turn Out to be the Next Level for Nation's Business Growth?

By changing the administrative structure of Kashmir, entrepreneurs from various sectors can operate well through trade and bestow companies with major chance to grow

Vinayak Sharma

· 4 min read

How Has Open-source Software Revolutionized Business Growth in India

Many IT companies have built their entire business model around commercial open source, offering business value in the form of subscription services

Dhiraj Khare

· 4 min read

Why a Mentor is as Important as Investor for Startup

Running a company needs experienced hands, It needs someone who has been through all the government issues, the give and takes of business, the ups and down

Vikash Mittersain

· 3 min read

How to Market Like a Big Business, Even With a Small Budget

If you have creative ideas, money shouldn't stand in the way of your marketing efforts.

Eric Siu

· 2 min read

Why Growing a Business is like Learning to Play Four-dimensional Chess

Taking an opponent's piece can open up an opportunity for you to strike deep in their territory, just like winning a big contract can negatively impact your competitors.

Jana Matthews

· 6 min read

E-Commerce an Integral Part of the Startup Growth Journey

A strong social media presence coupled with accurate targeted ads will cement your performance-led marketing that needs to be the frontline of your marketing strategies

Sumant Kakaria

· 4 min read

Riding Through the Crest and Troughs of Sillage - Growth in the Indian Perfume Industry

The fragrance market is very tricky in India and still at a very nascent stage and this is what it needs

Rohit Agrawal

· 4 min read

Developing a Successful Brand Strategy Should Be Your Top Priority, Here's How to Do It

This is how you create a loyal customer base - comprised of true brand advocates – who will champion your products over and over again

Jeremy Korst

· 6 min read

A Formula For Success

An entrepreneur mindset combined with a businessperson's skillset is an ideal is a great recipe for success.

Genny Ghanimeh

· 8 min read