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Influencer Marketing

'People Don't Take Influencers Seriously, Especially in the Startup World'

Influencer-turned-Entrepreneur, Ranveer Allahbadia shares the struggles and successes of his transition

Los 4 elementos que debes tener en tu manifiesto de negocios para crear un gran equipo

Si lo haces bien, este rey de los one-pagers puede darte dirección e inspiración.

La importancia de un equipo feliz y motivado

Uno de los principales motivos por los que una persona abandona su empleo es la incomodidad, no se encuentran del todo felices con sus actividades laborales o el ambiente que viven en el día a día.

Six Strategies To Excel In Negotiation

Knowing how to negotiate your way will always dictate your approach to success or failure.

How Things Change When You Become a Boss

This female entrepreneur discusses what changes she noticed as her business expanded.

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Business Management

Is Internet of Processes the Future of Business Management?

The system is still in its initial stages, but it will improve as learning goes. It is freeing workers from labour far more often than it is eradicating jobs

Si quieres tener éxito en tu negocio, empieza por promover a las mujeres: Tom Peters, gurú del management

El gurú de temas gerenciales aseguró que incluir mujeres es una regla en el juego de los negocios, al igual que la capacitación es un deber moral de los líderes.

Los 19 tipos de colaboradores que necesitas para formar un equipo al estilo 'Avengers: Endgame'

Al buscar empleados para tu empresa fíjate en las características de cada Vengador para crear un buen equipo. (¡Sin spoilers!)

India's 21st Century Education Imperative

While India's tertiary education sector remains among the largest in the world, only 1 out of 10 young people, overwhelmingly from affluent families, acquire a higher education and we havee the answer to this problem
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As An Entrepreneur, Being Self-Aware Can Only Ever Do You Good

Take a good honest look at yourself, and critically examine how people you interact with on a regular basis respond to your actions.
experiential marketing

Why New-Age Marketers and Entrepreneurs Should Emphasize on Investing in Experiential Marketing

Experiential activities can easily define its audience and its demographics that can yield much better results as it allows a micro-level engagement with customers directly
Business Management

3 Ways How the Management Can Resurrect Its Human Side

A powerful leader is the one who is able to form meaningful bonds with the people whom he leads

Want to Enter The Business of Logistics? Here's What You Need to Know

The Indian logistics industry is subject to certain dynamics such as tax reforms, FDI relaxation, and government's extra initiatives which may pose challenges, hence you need to understand what works
Communication Strategies

What Your Email Sign-Off Is Really Saying

Find out what business etiquette experts have to say about the expressions we use to end work-related emails.

Time to Send Out 1099s: What to Know

It's that time again to send 1099s out to your vendors. Here's a breakdown of what to do.