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Factors Fueling the Growth of Smart Surveillance in India

A majority of operations including traffic management and law enforcement will either be completely automated or will observe process-based automation, for instance, instantly alerting the closest PCR on observing violence or aggression to avoid escalation

Abhishek Kumar

· 4 min read

Design Your Way To Better Productivity: Seven Tools And Resources To Help Boost Your Efficiency At Work

Regardless of how organized or ambitious you are, being productive is a constant battle.

Carla Saliba

· 6 min read

Jayesh Sanghrajka to Take Over as the Interim CFO of Infosys

Infosys has confirmed the appointment of Jayesh Sanghrajka as its interim Chief Financial Officer

Aastha Singal

· 3 min read

Tips to Prepare Yourself for Power Meetings

While prepping for power meetings make sure you don't forget these important things

Meha Bhargava

· 4 min read

Five Reasons Companies Fail

A checklist for CEOs and managers who want to avoid the pitfalls of failure and lead their companies to breakthrough growth

Jana Matthews

· 5 min read

5 Reasons Why MBA is Necessary to Become Successful in Business

After MBA one gets access to a very premium club that can bring a lot of resources in this world to one's doorstep

Jatin Bhandari

· 5 min read

The ABC's of Documenting Standard Operating Procedures -- and Why Your Business Can't Afford Not To

SOPs can reduce the need for owner involvement and increase a company's valuation at the time of sale.

Thomas Smale

· 7 min read

The God of IT on How to Bring Entrepreneurship in Management

A man who inculcated managerial techniques for business growth

Aashika Jain

· 2 min read

A Classic Piece of Advice on Being a Good Boss Is Just as Useful Today as It Was When It Was Originally Published in 1974

An effective boss lets employees tackle problems on their own, according to a classic article in the Harvard Business Review.

Shana Lebowitz

· 4 min read

Building Financial Discipline at an SME

A successful business has financial discipline embedded within its organizational culture

Dev Raman

· 4 min read

¿Tienes madera de buen CEO?

Descubre si cuentas con las habilidades para dirigir tu empresa o si debes buscar a un co-fundador que la lidere.

Michael Kaiser

· 3 min read

Why We Gave Up a Star Employee to a Top Customer, and Why You Should, Too

Nope, we weren't crazy to let our COO fly the coop, given how 'customer experience' is emerging as a key business differentiator.

Javier Brugues

· 8 min read