Business Strategy

Business Strategy

Why You Should Be More Like Amazon: How Strategic Thinking Has Become the New Tactical Thinking

Strategically driven companies can bring fresh insight and energy to their client relationships.

10 Important Lessons I Learnt About The Power Of Strategy

The right strategies are what makes a person or company a success or failure today.

CRM: Going Digital To Improve Customer Satisfaction

CRM system which helps track all activities related to a case in terms of progress and resolution, and in turn provides a complete view of all interactions and customer relationships

Outsourcing vs Hiring Full-time Staff

The most important criterion should be the cost, expertise and flexibility and these will help you fight the battle of outsourcing vs. in-house staff

Find Out What Your Business Style Says About How You Work -- And How to Get Out of Your Own Way

Your business style has pros and cons -- the question is, are you using your style to optimum benefit?

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The Forward March of Influencers in Changing the Shape of Marketing

You get more, spend less, the impact is highly amplified and the buzz doesn't go unnoticed

Data-driven Marketing for B2B Marketers

The data-driven approach in B2B Marketing empowers data to manifest itself

How Urbanization is Bringing Opportunities for Franchise Business

Delhi is projected to become the most populous city in the world around 2028, according to new United Nations estimates, which said India is expected to add the largest number of urban dwellers by 2050
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How to Appear More Confident And Attractive

'Keep your chin up or else the crown will slip'
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Five Mistakes That Mess up Your Customer Experience Strategy

Avoiding these common mistakes will surely improve chances of delivering successful CX initiatives

Want to Buy a Franchise? Here's Your Step By Step Guide

Franchising is one of the safest ways of becoming a business owner

Small Strategic Steps For Franchisors to Gain Momentum in Business

Franchisors often consider the franchising industry to be all about driving exponential growth with quick returns
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Why Good Customer Service is The Most Important Business Metric

Attracting new customers is much more difficult than retaining one
Mental Health

Entrepreneurs Need To Take Care Of How They Feel

Success must not come at the cost of your wellbeing rather one should have both

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