Business Strategy


Small Strategic Steps For Franchisors to Gain Momentum in Business

Franchisors often consider the franchising industry to be all about driving exponential growth with quick returns
Customer Service

Why Good Customer Service is The Most Important Business Metric

Attracting new customers is much more difficult than retaining one
Mental Health

Entrepreneurs Need To Take Care Of How They Feel

Success must not come at the cost of your wellbeing rather one should have both
Social Media

Break The Monotony: Keep it Fresh on Social Media

We'll talk about the strategy to increase social media engagement and improve awareness of your brand

Mistakes New Franchisors Should Refrain From Committing

Never enter the franchise industry if you think it's cool or can make you a millionaire overnight
women safety

What is Lacking For Women Safety in Offices And How to Deal With It

When it comes to ensuring inclusivity and safety of women in workplaces, this is merely scratching the tip of an iceberg and we need to do more
Real Estate

Nuances of The Indian Real Estate People Were Unaware of

Indeed, a roof over every Indian's head would be the most compelling deliverable for any Government to actually deliver
Business Expansion

Want To Expand Your Business? Here Are 3 Key Reasons Why Franchising is The Best Option

Expanding your business through franchising has several advantages over opening company-run units

9 Key Benefits of Updated Employees for a Franchise Business

The 20th CEO Survey by PWC indicates, 87% of CEOs worldwide mentioned 'Non-availability of key skills' as the topmost concern impending their growth.
franchise restaurants

Why Investing in Theme-Based Restaurant Could be Profitable for Franchisors

The popularity of theme-based restaurants is skyrocketing in recent years because of the parallel growth of the market
Healthcare franchise

Major Challenges Faced by Healthcare Franchises Today

In the era characterized by uncertainty and rapid change, Healthcare franchises should become more nimble and proactive to succeed.
Business Ideas

6 Ways to Generate Funds To Start a Business

Arushi Jain, Project Head, StayHappi Pharmacy explains three ways how entrepreneurs can raise funds for their business. Read on...

3 Ways to Grow your Business Fast

How to grow fast in Business World