BuzzFeed: Diversión que 'enamora' a 7,000 millones de personas

Con una mezcla rara pero perfecta de información y diversión, este medio de comunicación digital ha logrado 'viralizar' sus contendidos a través de todas las redes sociales y atraer a miles de millones de usuarios al mes. Aquí nos cuentan algunos de sus secretos.

Anna Lagos

· 6 min read

Cómo crear una marca mientras "estás borracho"

Matt Bellassai, ex superestrella vloggera de Buzzfeed, nos cuenta cómo logró posicionarse en la red con malos chistes.

Lindsay Friedman

· 6 min read

7 Things Buzzfeed Superstar Matt Bellassai's Learned About Building a Brand While Drunk

The writer-turned-comedian went from working under the radar to winning a People's Choice Award and becoming a household name in less than a year.

Lindsay Friedman

· 7 min read

How BuzzFeed Discovered the Secret to Success on Social Media

The news organization was among the earliest to realize sparking an emotional response is what defines "great'' content.

Bill Connolly

· 7 min read

JustFab: Silicon Valley Sees a Unicorn, Customers See a Trojan Horse

The company's founders have a history of being associated with dubious practices.

Carly Okyle

· 4 min read

Meet PlayBuzz, the Platform Leveling the Content-Creation Playing Field

The increasingly popular platform is giving away powerful tools for producing infectious content whether for fun or to jump start native ad campaigns.

Murray Newlands

· 4 min read

At the NewFronts, 34 Digital Media Giants Divulge Plans for the Future of Online Video

From YouTube to Yahoo to Buzzfeed and beyond, here's what's on the programmatic tap for 2015.

Geoff Weiss

· 6 min read

Analyst: Facebook Native Video Will Thwart YouTube's Throne in a Matter of Months

Industry analyst Jan Rezab said that a tide shift will occur about four months after Facebook offers users the opportunity to sell ads against their videos.

Geoff Weiss

· 4 min read

Yo App Goes From Seriously Dumb to Surprisingly Useful

Yo just reinvented itself as a killer content clearinghouse.

Kim Lachance Shandrow

· 2 min read

4 Slick Ways to Expand Your Digital Branding Strategy

Augment your online marketing strategy by tapping these tools: YouTube, BuzzFeed, Playbuzz and Udemy.

Te-Erika Patterson

· 4 min read

Native Advertising, a Boon for the Media, Can Help You Cut Through the Noise

Whether you agree with it or not, this buzz-worthy method of reaching audiences has proven to be effective. Here's how to get started with your own campaign.

Aaron Agius

· 5 min read

Four Marketing Methods That Weren't Relevant 10 Years Ago (That You Can No Longer Ignore)

Compelling your audience to support your product or service takes more than just having an interesting product. They want to know more about you, your team, and what goes on behind the scenes.

Kareem Chehayeb

· 6 min read