· 3 min read

Why It's So Hard to Cultivate Indoor Premium Cannabis on a Large Scale

Lack of experienced cultivators and the complexities of growing large crops has become a problem in the industry.

Jason Navarrete

· 3 min read

420 Gifts for the One You Love

It's 4/20. Here are some good reasons to celebrate.

Eric Weinberg

· 5 min read

James Yi

· 10 min read

Uber would add home delivery of marijuana as part of its business

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi hinted that the company could enter the marijuana business by offering home deliveries as soon as the law allows.

Entrepreneur en Español

· 4 min read

Why Cannabinoids Are Here to Stay

With time and continued innovation, there's limitless potential.

Roy Lipski

· 5 min read

Cannabis May Prevent This Major Side Effect of Chemotherapy

Israeli researchers found that those who used cannabis saw a drastic decrease.

· 3 min read

Is There a Market for Delta-8 Hemp Flower?

By 2025, Delta-8 products may triple in the market, leading to more choices in products for consumers.

Jessica Johnson

· 3 min read

Terpene Profiles May Shape the Future of Cannabis

Knowing which terpenes are the most prominent gives more insight into the likely effects of THC levels, strain names, and indica/sativa designations.

Johnny Green

· 3 min read

Florida's Marijuana Market Is About to Explode

Several strong indicators demonstrate that The Sunshine State is poised for big things.

Dustin Robinson

· 4 min read

Meet the Most Elegant Storage System for Your Cannabis

It comes with a companion app to organize your purchases.

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· 2 min read

There Are Fewer Worker Compensation Claims in States Where Marijuana Is Legal

The study of workers ages 40 to 62 found that cannabis had no adverse impact on productivity and offers workers a new, effective form of pain management therapy.

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