Will Cannabis Affect How Smart You Are?

It's time to dive into some facts about how weed impacts your brain.

Green Market Report

· 6 min read

Who Is Subcool? The Legendary Cannabis Breeder, Explained

Subcool was inducted into the High Times Seed Bank Hall of Fame in 2009, and later received the High Times Dr. Lester Grinspoon Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.

Erin Hiatt

· 5 min read

Budding Artists Are Flourishing on New Online Cannabis-themed Marketplace

The Artsy Leaf is a new creative site featuring creators and consumers within the cannabis industry.

Taylor McLamb

· 6 min read

5 Things to Consider Before Investing in the Cannabis Market

There are many questions to ask before investing in any industry, let alone one as complex and new as cannabis.

Micah Tapman

· 4 min read

Is Craft Cannabis the Next Craft Beer?

A veteran grower weighs in on the next big thing in weed.

Mike Mejer

· 4 min read

THC vs. CBD: Differences and Benefits

Educate yourselves on what makes each component unique.

Green Market Report

· 6 min read

Does Lighting Influence Chemical Profiles in Cannabis?

Growers seek consistency, so what's the right amount of balance to find it?

Ebby Stone

· 4 min read

Study Says Cannabis Can Help Treat OCD

A recent study showed that cannabis helped to reduce compulsions, intrusive thoughts, and anxiety in those diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

· 3 min read

What's Next in the Cannabis Release Process?

We are about to witness what appears to be the end of the approval process for the Federal Law for the Regulation of Cannabis in Mexico.


· 4 min read

How to Choose Your First Dry-herb Vaporizer

When trying this different kind of consumption method, make sure you know what tool you want to use.

Tammy Taylor

· 5 min read

What Cannabis Retailers Can Expect in 2021

2020 disrupted the retail cannabis industry. For success in the cannabis sector in 2021, operators should set their sights on these four areas. 

Travis Steffen

· 5 min read

Will Cannabis Legalization Lead to Lower Prices?

Cannabis isn't cheao, but legalization could change that.

Johnny Green

· 2 min read