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NBA Great Isiah Thomas Explains How His Hoops Career Helped Him Find Success In Cannabis

The NBA great was recently appointed as CEO of cannabis company One World Pharma Inc., a Colombia-based producer of cannabis and hemp ingredients.

Javier Hasse and Henry Khederian

· 2 min read

The Wildfires In Western U.S. Are Delaying The Outdoor Cannabis Harvest While Exposing Climate Impact

Wildfire smoke swirled over Washington state, Oregon and California, with smoke clouds blotting out the sun during a critical phase of a cannabis plant's growth cycle - when the plant is finishing its production of flower.

Bart Schaneman

· 6 min read

Looking For Help Improving Productivity? Here's How A Centuries-Old Cannabis Company Is Doing It

During these trying times of a pandemic, a successful cannabis company offers tips on how to improve productivity.

Cannabis & Tech Today

· 4 min read

Is Low-THC Cannabis Possibly The Next Big Trend in Cannabis?

There are plenty of benefits to lower THC, sparking an idea that it could become more popular amongst weed users.

Johnny Green

· 3 min read

Extreme Weather Patterns Are Forcing Cannabis Growers To Rethink Their Cultivation Strategy

Adapting to climate change and unpredictable weather can be a headache for many in the marijuana industry.

Bart Schaneman

· 6 min read

The Cannabis Industry Is Putting Up A Fight Against COVID-19. Here's How

New tech and innovations in the cannabis industry are helping leaders fight COVID.

Taylor McLamb

· 4 min read

Cannabis-Based Packaging Could Reduce Waste And Promote Sustainability

Great news about how some cannabis companies are helping the planet.

Laura Drotleff

· 14 min read

The Coin Shortage Is Further Highlighting Cannabis Industry's Payment Problem

As one operator said, "we started running out of quarters, and suddenly we started to feel an impact."

Marijuana Retail Report

· 5 min read

Michigan Medical Marijuana Market Could Reach $3 Billion in Sales

The Wolverine state continues to lead the pack in the Midwest.

· 3 min read

For Veterans, the Potential of Plant Medicine Is 'Limitless'

An interview with US Army veteran and IHeartJane CEO Socrates Rosenfeld.

Ophelia Chong

· 4 min read

"Everything Costs More on the Inside:" Meet the Women Fighting for Pot Prisoners

"Eventually, we would like to send every prisoner $500 a month and give them a few grand when they get released, so they have a cushion while they look for work. No one should ever go to jail for weed. It's a no-brainer." 


· 5 min read

Dramatic Times Create Change For A Healer - Q&A With Me Fuimanono-Poe

"Here in Hawaii, Black and Brown men and women face an oppressive justice system and are incarcerated at higher rates than white individuals for the same crimes," says the Malie Cannabis Clinic's Me Fuimanono-Poe.

Ophelia Chong

· 7 min read