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More Companies Are Bioengineering Marijuana. Is That a Good Thing?

The introduction of bioengineering modifications helps scale an already burgeoning industry.

Terry Hacienda

· 6 min read

Wunder Enters the THC-Infused Beverage Game

Now that recreational cannabis has become legal in more states, THC-infused beverages have emerged as an alternative to booze.

Anthony Noto

· 7 min read

How to Cut Costs and Make Your Cannabis Extraction Operation More Efficient

There are several ways marijuana extraction firms can save money while seeing better results.

Bart Schaneman

· 5 min read

We Can Do A Better Job Reducing the Cannabis Industry's Carbon Footprint

The business of cannabis is still far from green, and it will take a great deal of continued conscious efforts to get us there.

Bill Shevlin

· 5 min read

With More Women Buying Cannabis, Product Demand Could Change

The shift could be a signal that companies are changing the way the industry thinks about both products and marketing when factoring in women shoppers.

Andrew Long

· 2 min read

4 Steps to Avoid Dispensaries' Biggest Tech Mistake

Rather than go with the cheapest solution, companies need to understand how a robust tech solution can benefit them over time.

Jim Roddy

· 5 min read

What You Need To Know Before You Transplant Cannabis Plants

Marijuana and hemp growers can look to proven strategies to keep young plants healthy until conditions allow for a successful crop.

Laura Drotleff

· 6 min read

Women Are the Biggest Buyers of Cannabis Drinks

Research shows that, regardless of age, women outspent men when buying cannabis-infused beverages.

Debra Borchardt

· 5 min read

Meet the Next Big Disruptor to the Cannabis Industry

It may be the single-most-important growth opportunity for the critical coming years.

Nirup Krishnamurthy

· 6 min read

What You Need to Know About Delta-10 THC

The compound is all the rage, but what is it exactly?

Terry Hacienda

· 5 min read

Read This Before Selling Cannabis Online

I's going to require a lot of time and hard work to legally make it happen.

Alex Larsen

· 3 min read