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Celebrating Notable Hispanic Leaders In the Cannabis Industry

Recognizing just a few key players for National Hispanic American Heritage month.

How the California Governor Recall Election Could Impact the Cannabis Industry

Would ousting Gavin Newsom stall or undo any progress already achieved?

Natan Ponieman

Cannabis Production Facility Opening on New York Former Federal Prison Site

It's not quite full circle for the industry yet, but it's getting close.

Is Flower Losing Its Power?

Sales are strong but other products are gaining steam.

Julie Aitcheson

Amazon Needs More Drivers. Enter: Pot Smokers.

The corporate behemoth encouraging other companies to drop weed from drug tests.

Lesley Balla

Why the Planet 13 Superstore Is a Gamechanger

The massive Las Vegas retailer has expanded to Orange County in California - with more to come.

The Many Struggles of California's Heritage Cannabis Farmers

From market overstaturation to wildfires, the OG farms need help.

Reginald Reefer

The Shinnecock Nation Is Bringing Weed to the Hamptons

A new partnership will help with cannabis cultivation to consumption lounges on Long Island.

How Tech and Traffic Are Now More Valuable Than Cannabis Itself

The marijuana industry is changing as tech companies buy MSOs and licenses.

Thom Baccus

The State That Sells the Most Weed May Surprise You

PS: Cannabis dispensaries are doing just fine, according to figures from US Department of Commerce.

Maureen Meehan