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What Are the Biggest Problems the Cannabis Industry Has Yet to Solve?

It's not just banking and accessibility, although those are two issues.

Reginald Reefer

Can't Deny It: Women Are Consuming More Cannabis Every Year

More than 15 million women have purchased cannabis products so far in 2021 alone.

Julie Aitcheson

Will New Mexico Run Out of Cannabis When Legal Sales Begin?

It's likely the state will face 'Krispy Kreme Syndrome' when the market opens next year.

Joseph Billions

Marshawn Lynch Launches Apprenticeship Program For Former Pot Prisoners

How the NFL star is helping provide opportunities within the cannabis industry.

Javier Hasse

Chairwoman Announced to Lead Newly Formed U.S. Cannabis Council

What this means for the coalition that seeks to end federal prohibition and create an equitable, values-driven space.

Going To Space Isn't The Only Way Jeff Bezos Wants To Get High

From breaching the stratosphere to lobbying for weed, America's billionaires want to take their businesses to the next level.

Amelia Williams

Another Result of California's Drought: Water Theft for Illegal Weed Farms

It takes a lot of water to grow one plant, but that's not the only issue at hand.

Lesley Balla

Building Indoor Weed Growing Facilities That Push the Envelope For Efficiency

How one company is looking beyond the almost throwaway facilities that go up without much thought.

Garrett Rudolph

The $650 Million Cannabis Ponzi Scheme: What Happened and How to Avoid One

Scammers will try to take advantage of excitement around legal cannabis, too.

Dana Smith

Social Media Shut Down My Cannabis Business Account. Now What?

Tips and best practices to avoid the issue and recover an account.

Andrew Ward