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What Exactly Are Concentrates, And How Are They Made?

From what they are to the extraction process, we give you a crash course in concentrates.

David Martin

· 6 min read

New Research Shows Cannabis-Users Require More Anesthesia During A Surgery

Given the research results, it's always smart to tell your anesthesiologist about your cannabis intake prior to having surgery.

Taylor McLamb

· 4 min read

The Definitive Guide To Juicing Cannabis

As people continue to experiment with cannabis in food, here are the in's and out's of juicing with weed.

Monica Lo

· 2 min read

It's True! Survey Shows Many Young People Are Boozing Less During Lockdown In Favor Of Weed

As the pandemic rages on, young people are finding news ways to get into a better headspace that doesn't include copious amounts of alcohol.

Weedmaps News

· 6 min read

Going On A Date? Here's Why Smoking Cannabis Is A Good Thing To Do

In these trying times, smoking weed with a date might be something that brings you closer together and opens you both up.

Green Market Report

· 4 min read

Cannabis Juicing Can Be Good For You. Here's Why

Some people report a dramatic change after just one serving of raw cannabis juice, while others may take four to eight weeks to see full results.

Becky Garrison

· 3 min read

Cannabis Icon Tommy Chong Will Never Stop Being Political

Tommy Chong has fought for the right to cannabis his entire life, and that won't stop anytime soon.

Cannabis & Tech Today

· 4 min read

Meditating With Cannabis: A Beginner's Guide

You need to be careful not to become so dependent on cannabis as a means of relaxation that you can't mediate without having consumed cannabis first.

Becky Garrison

· 2 min read

Here's How Consumers Can Influence Social Justice In Weed

The Last Prisoner Project's Executive Director and General Counsel, Sarah Gersten, explains how cannabis users can help a bigger mission.

Brianna Wheeler

· 8 min read

Are Cannabis Products Overpromising (But Under-Delivering)?

Cannabis consumers, especially newcomers hoping to find a cure for their specific condition, should manage their expectations when using this plant.

Mike Adams

· 5 min read

Cannabis Subscription Boxes Are Hot Commodity During The Pandemic, Growing By 550%

People are turning to weed to help with their mental fortitude amid an uncertain ending to the pandemic.

Julie Aitcheson

· 3 min read

3 Keys to Picking the Right PR Partner for Your Cannabis Business

The secret to choosing the best firm is in the questions you ask.

Mike Mejer

· 6 min read