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In Voting To Make Weed Legal, Mississippians Rejected the Advice of Political Leaders

Government leaders and talk show hosts asked the people of Mississippi to vote against legalizing medical marijuana. They didn't listen.

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What To Do With All Your Stalks, Stems, And Leaves

You can re-use this stuff for lots of different things.

Tiffani Wroe

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Paging Dr. Greenthumb: Rapper B-Real Expands His Weed Empire

On the Green Entrepreneur podcast, rapper and weed entrepreneur B-Real talks about how he built an insane-in-the-brain brand out of a rap persona.

Jonathan Small

· 1 min read

Finding The Secret Behind Choosing The Best Weed Strain For You

Not all strains are create equal, so here's what to do when looking to find the one for your needs.

Green Market Report

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So, How Did Sativa Really Become The 'Energy Queen' Of Cannabis?

The sativa strain you see in your favorite dispensary is pretty much a human engineered phenomenon created over thousands of years of human breeding and cross breeding, and is still being tweaked today.

David Hodes

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Cannabis Consumption Methods: Pros, Cons And Myths

From smoking to dabbing, here's everything to know about how you consume your weed.

Wendy Dessler

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Cannabis Ice Cream Is a Thing

With an ice cream truck and flavors like Himalayan Sea Salt & Carmel, Mellow offers a cool take on CBD- and THC-infused ice cream.

Eric Weinberg

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Big Wins For Weed In The 2020 Election

Voters cast their ballots in favor of cannabis legalization in Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota.

Jonathan Small

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Can Cannabis Withdrawal Be Really Hard?

Night sweats, day jitters, and the need for weed all pass in a matter of days to a week or so if you experience them at all.

Mary Schumacher

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Why Are Athletes Penalized For Using Marijuana?

Some of your favorite athletes swear by the benefits of weed, but they can't utilize them without getting in trouble.

Johnny Green

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Could Cannabis Eliminate The High-Cost And High-Stakes Of Current Psoriasis Medicines?

Often triggered by stress, new studies are showing that psoriasis can be better managed by diet, oral health, and even CBD.

Kate-Madonna Hindes

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Here's What Research Says About How Weed Affects Your Memory

There are plenty of theories about weed and memory loss, but what does science really tell us?

Weedmaps News

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